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So here is our new website!

If you are a CamAWISE regular you should have (hopefully) noticed a big change in our website. You’ll see our twitter feed on the left hand side and some links to interesting blogs and websites on the right hand side. And if you click on one of the category links you’ll see some articles we’ve written. In the events registration page and the membership and renewals page we’ve added forms (courtesy of Google Docs)


Why change the website? We have moved to a wordpress-hosted site in the hope that it will be easier for our administrator and steering group members to add content a bit more often. This is important for us: our steering group members are all volunteers with full time jobs and our administrator is really very very part time so we need to make the web editing as easy as possible. Also, it is easier to make the website more interactive with the ability to comment on articles, carry out short surveys and vote on opinion polls.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved with writing for us please email (it might take a little while to get back to you until we appoint our new administrator but we will!)

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