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Profile: Dr Tanya Morton – Application Engineering Manager at MathWorks

Cambridge AWiSE Steering Group member – DR TANYA MORTON

I have been a steering group member for Cambridge AWiSE since 2004.

I am privileged to be the Application Engineering Manager at MathWorks. MathWorks is the developer of MATLAB and Simulink, software tools that are widely used by scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

My team help customers apply MathWorks’ tools to their technical challenges in education and business. The Application Engineering role gives an unrivalled appreciation of the diversity of applications of mathematics. My team supports a variety of application areas including optimisation, statistics, modelling, image and signal processing, and control design. We work with customers across a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, education, energy production, finance, and biotech/pharmaceutical.

I joined MathWorks in 2000 after finishing my PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science from Vanderbilt University (my undergraduate degree was also in mathematics, from University of Oxford). I started in the consulting team with a focus on automotive applications (improving the fuel efficiency of cars), before moving to a leadership role in Application Engineering in 2005.

I joined the Cambridge AWiSE steering group in 2004 in order to meet other professional women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). At the time, I was one of the few technical women in my workplace, and it was great to meet some birds-of-a-feather. Cambridge AWiSE has been a great source of support to me over the years. Contacts I have made through AWiSE have helped in my career development, and have provided invaluable tips and guidance as I transitioned into my current role as a working Mum to two young boys. I am proud to be part of an impressive network of women, who have a diversity of experience to draw on.

You can read more about my career path (and the role of maths in it) in this article in +Plus Magazine:


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