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Profile: Dr Jenny Koenig – Consultant with Science ETC

Cambridge AWiSE Steering Group member – DR JENNY KOENIG

I’m a consultant with Science ETC – a Science Education, Training and Communications Consultancy.

I’m also a Fellow at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge where I teach pharmacology and maths for biologists part time during term and am Dean (also part time). I also work at the Disability Resource Centre in the University of Cambridge helping students with Specific Learning Difficulties develop their study skills.

I grew up in Sydney Australia and gained a BSc Hons (I) in Pharmacology from the University of Sydney. I was then awarded a scholarship to do a Ph.D. at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge. I met my husband when we were both students at Darwin College and have stayed in England ever since.

I have worked in industry in bioelectronics (the only female scientist for miles around) and then as a post-doc back in Cambridge. I became a Senior Research Associate running a lab with 3 Ph.D. students in projects collaborating with GSK and AstraZeneca.

In 2004 I decided a change in career was required and established Science ETC. I develop online learning materials, provide training for the pharmaceutical industry, give seminars and lectures in Pharmacology, analyse the provision of maths education for bioscientists and develop interactive online tools to promote education and training.

I joined Cambridge AWiSE and MentorSET in 2003 at a very difficult time when I was trying to juggle looking after two small children and working part time. I’m proud to have been involved in bringing Cambridge AWiSE from 6 women around a kitchen table in 2003 to its current membership of over 80, a paid co-ordinator, a full programme of events and good links with the MentorSET scheme.

My MentorSET mentors, my friends in CamAWiSE and the training I have received in the last few years have helped me to make the transition to where I am now.

In my spare time (!) I enjoy playing with my family, hill walking and long-distance cycling and playing the piano.

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