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Profile: Dr Jenny Brookman – College Supervisor in Molecular Sciences

Cambridge AWiSE Treasurer – DR JENNY BROOKMAN

I have been a steering group member of Cambridge AWiSE since 2004.

I am from Sydney Australia and gained a BSc Hons (I) from the University of Sydney followed by a PhD in Biochemistry from the Australian National University in Canberra.    I arrived in England in 1978 as a post-doc in cell and developmental biology at the former Mill Hill labs of the ICRF, now Cancer Research UK. With a move to Cambridge, I continued my research at the University in molecular genetics and genomics, specialising in development in the model organism Drosophila.

For a long period I worked part-time. These were some of my most successful years in research and enabled me to have a healthy work-life balance while my two daughters were growing up. But then seeking guidance for a career change back in 2003, I was introduced to AWiSE and the MentorSET program. Being involved with the setting up of the CamAWiSE network has been very rewarding and has opened many new doors.

For several years now I have been teaching molecular sciences to medical and veterinary students at several University Colleges and have combined this with the role of Chair of CamAWiSE. Through meeting inspirational speakers and many interesting women at our networking events, Cambridge AWiSE has given me a very valuable perspective in the management and support needed for the career and personal development of women in science.

My aim in the near future is to share my experiences in CamAWiSE with similar networks for women in science back in Australia.

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