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Profile: Dr Ann Clarke – co-founder, The Frozen Ark

I was a mature student of 23 when I did a BSc in Zoology at Edinburgh University followed by a PhD. Thereafter I became a research scientist at Nottingham University in the Medical School and at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge studying the immunologicial intereactions that occur between the mammalian mother and her baby. The work tried to understand why the baby, whose inherits half its antigens from the father which are foreign to her, is not rejected like any other foreign graft. I was also an Inspector for the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority for 6 years, taught at Nottingham University and was a member of 6 scientific expeditions to the islands of French Polynesian Islands and the Tongian Archipeligo. As a result of these trips, on my retirement in 2000 I became involved in the creation of a charity, which we named The Frozen Ark. I have been busy on this project to preserve the genetic resources of the world’s endangered wild animals before they go extinct ever since.

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