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A big thank you!

Thank you everyone who attended “New Year New You: Building Confidence in the Workplace” yesterday evening and helped make it a fun and interactive workshop.   Kate’s tomato-sauce topped workshop definitely gave us plenty to think about and work on!  We’ll post on the blog some highlights of the evening soon (and an explanation of why tomato sauce and moving rocks are two of the key elements in building confidence).

We welcome the contributions of our members and friends on the CamAWiSE blog.  Please email me at (

Excitement, excitement – Keep the date free!

CamAWiSE are holding the second Career-Development Day on Friday 22nd June 2012:
WISE-UP : Strategies for Success in STEM or 101 ways to make the most of yourself!
Continuing the successful framework on which the 1st Day was organised in 2010, we are basing the day around the themes of ‘making the most of your personality’ and ‘getting your ideas across and acted upon – making your voice heard’.

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Profile: Dr Tennie Videler – Coordinator for Cambridge Immunology Network

Cambridge AWiSE Steering Group Member – DR TENNIE VIDELER

I am the coordinator for the Cambridge Immunology Network.  The idea is that there is lots of great immunology being done in disparate parts of Cambridge University and it is my task to increase communication between them. This position is a challenge to take on, especially as I am not an immunologist…

I did an undergraduate degree in Chemistry in the Netherlands. I got the opportunity to spend nine months in the UK as an exchange student, which resulted in starting a PhD research project on the interface between chemistry and biology. I spent 16 years doing research on structural biology, using different techniques on different systems. I have always enjoyed public engagement, communicating science (not necessarily mine) to both children and adults. I was the science school governor for a primary school for six years, a role I would encourage others to take on!

Towards the end of my postdoctoral career I decided that although I loved research I wanted to use my ‘people’ skills and do something that would make a difference to people’s lives. I became  a programme manager for Vitae, a national careers organisation specialising in careers and development of researchers. It was very rewarding but I am very pleased my current role allows me to indulge in my passion for science again. I am on a steep learning curve- who knew Immunology was so complicated… and so fascinating?

A very personal report on Professor Dame Sandra Dawson’s talk in November

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson is a Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, professor of Management Studies at Judge Business School (which she pretty much founded and led for 10 years), and was the first female Master of Sidney Sussex College. She has previously worked in the civil service and as a researcher, lecturer and professor at Imperial College. She is now non-executive director of the UK Financial Services Authority as well as Oxfam.
I like to try and distill a talk I’ve listened to/ report I’ve read into a few ‘learning points’ (for historical reasons this has crystalised into 9, but I find it is just useful to have a number to whittle down to/ group into).  So here are my favourite 9 points….
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