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Meeting Report: Kate Atkin ‘New Year, New You’ January 25, 2012

Kate Atkin spoke on how to achieve confidence in the workplace.  Thoughts transform your outlook and actions so not being in control of your thoughts can lower your confidence. Negative thoughts in the workplace often include how you try to perceive the recognition of your ability by your colleagues and this can affect your outlook holding you back. You can take control of those negative thoughts by recognising the blocking thought and making a small change to think of something positive to remove the block.

The impressions you create for yourself by your own thoughts and words when moving out of a comfort zone make a difference to your outlook. You can move these ‘rocks in the road’ one at a time with small changes each step of the way. There are 3 cues to be aware of in your interactions for the impressions you give out in order to achieve your goals: verbal, vocal, visual. Keeping your goals in mind as you balance thoughts versus actions are essential to balance effort with results.
Since January 25 was Burns Night, Kate finished with an appropriate Burns quote: ‘ Oh would some power the gift to give is to see ourselves as others see us’.
Jenny B.

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