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Profile: Dr Vivien Hodges, WiSETI (Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative) Project Officer at the University of Cambridge

Cambridge AWiSE steering group member – Dr Vivien Hodges

Dr Vivien Hodges

WiSETI was established in 1999 and aims to redress an under-representation of women in employment and career progression in STEMM disciplines at the University of Cambridge.

WiSETI supports women in STEM at the University in a number of ways including organising activities such as seminars for early career female researchers and PhD and Postdocs, and an Annual Lecture, running a CV Mentoring Scheme for women wishing to apply for promotion and supporting good practice in science through Athena SWAN.

Having spent most of my career in a research environment within Academia and Industry I decided to use my skills to work in the learning and development field.

To enable a career change, I gained experience in designing and delivering training within Queen’s University and completed a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice. I moved straight from the lab to work for CRAC/Vitae as a research manager, focusing on the personal and professional career development of researchers.  I am really enjoying being back in a University environment again with an opportunity to make a difference to female researchers at all levels. It’s also great being involved with Cambridge AWiSE to be able to meet and share experiences with women from the University as well as industry and beyond.

Vivien Hodges

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