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Does the way scientists think lend itself to entrepreneurialism?

Cambridge is famous for its many innovators, some of whom have gone on to be very, very successful in the business world.

What kind of mind do you need to be a successful business person? Clever, innovative and resourceful all help. Visionary, maybe? Process-oriented? Organised? With plenty of the “soft” or people skills?

It’s a rare bird who combines all of these so no need to despair if you think you’re missing some. We can all benefit from adopting a different type of thinking.

For example, you might think that, if being a woman in science or engineering isn’t as rewarding as you’d hoped, you’d like to try something else and maybe being your own boss has an attractive sound. Do you then immediately think “Well, what could I do – I don’t have any ideas.”?

It’s a pretty fair bet that, actually, you have a lot of ideas – you just need to do some digging to bring them all to the surface before you can choose which ones to take further.

Try some of these techniques:

Make a Mind Map of your thoughts. (If you don’t know what a Mind Map is, you have a treat in store! Check them out at

You could split it into, for example, things you’re good at, things you like doing, products/services that are missing from your life. You could think about whose business you’d most/least like to own or what’s the best/worst business you can think of? Why? What could you do that would get you the same (or similar) or the opposite?

It’s really important not to edit yourself AT ALL until you’ve exhausted every idea for what’s good/bad about it, what the opposite would be and what qualities you like or don’t like. Even the “bad” ideas can tell you a lot.
Liz Lyon

Thank you to Liz Lyon, our guest blogger this month.  Liz is an experience worklife coach and co-founder of Rise Business Circle, a business development circle providing expertise & knowledge to help small businesses grow and prosper.

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