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Diane Turner – AWiSE member profile

Diane Turner – Owner & Senior Consultant, Anthias Consulting Ltd.
I  started Anthias Consulting in 2005, people were quite sceptical as I was a female under the age of 30 starting a scientific consultancy business!
I studied at the University of Warwick obtaining a BSc(Hons) in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and received the Andrew McCamley prize for the best final year research project. After a year in industry, I returned to complete a Masters degree in Instrumental and Analytical Methods in Biological and Environmental Chemistry (Pharmaceutical analysis) where I was the only student to get an external 6 month project working at Zeneca Agrochemicals at Jealott’s Hill. At the end of which I had two job offers, to stay at Zeneca or move to ATAS in Cambridge to build an applications laboratory to support the sales of their products in gas chromatography.

With this great opportunity, I of course did the latter and developed that side of the business performing instrument demonstrations, developing applications and training customers. I was there for over 5 years and left to survey coral reefs for a couple of months in Fiji.

On my return I had a few job offers but also lots of requests to deliver training in GC and develop methods, to do this I had to invoice customers and so after attending some training courses at business link I decided to start my own limited company to pursue this. An anthias is a fish that lives on coral reefs, I had purchased the domain before my trip to Fiji to keep up-to-date with emails and as I decided to start my company quickly (it took 24 hours) I didn’t have time to think of another name!

Seven years later, my company employs 3 full time consultants and a part-time admin; in the last two years I’ve had 3 children, including twins in February 2012 and the business has grown to provide training and consultancy services in gas chromatography and GC-MS worldwide.

For 2013 we’ve expanded our range of both Agilent Technologies courses and Anthias courses to a total of 18. These range from classroom-based to laboratory practical courses, most of which we hold at The Open University in Milton Keynes who we’ve been working with for over 6 years maintaining and training on their GC equipment in the planetary and space sciences discipline.

I’m looking forward to 2013 as there are lots of exciting developments in both my personal and business life, including taking my whole family to Singapore in March where I’ll be presenting at a Mass Spectrometry conference and teaching a GC-MS training course, with a stop-off in Dubai on the return flight to develop business there. Anthias Consulting’s key aim is to improve knowledge in gas chromatography techniques, which unfortunately is being lost through the “push-button” operation of instruments, therefore the chance to do this not only in the UK and Ireland but overseas is exhilarating.

Anthias Consulting Ltd is also looking for venues for its 5-day Complete GC & GC-MS training course preferably at universities within the UK or Europe.   For details, please click here (pdf).

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