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Nessa Carey,author of The Epigenetics Revolution, speaks at AWiSE event, 28th Feb

“There’s more to the complexity of life than DNA, because there are multiple examples of situations where the same DNA sequence can generate many different outcomes.”

So says Nessa Carey, who will be presenting her thoughts at a joint Cambridge AWiSE / Lucy Cavendish College event on 28th February (6-7pm). Nessa is a former academic who has worked for over a decade in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.  She is the author of the popular science book “The Epigenetics Revolution”, published in 2011.

The new science of epigenetics explains phenomena as diverse as the different cell types in the human body, the colours of tortoiseshell cats, the lifespans of queen bees, the interactions between nature and nurture and exciting new therapies for cancer.  More controversially, it may also underlie adult consequences of childhood trauma, and even lead to Lamarckian inheritance of acquired characteristics.

This promises to be a fascinating talk, so do come and join us. Registration details are here

“Nessa Carey … writes brightly and humanely and is full of optimism for this exciting new dawn – both for the deep understanding of life and the potential for medical applications.” (The Guardian, 19th August 2011)

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