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Profile: Anne Clarke – Senior Business Analyst, Cambridge Assessment.

Cambridge AWiSE steering group co-chair – ANNE CLARKE
Anne ClarkeI joined the Steering Group of Cambridge AWiSE a few years ago having been a member for a couple of years before that. I find the group really supportive and encouraging, providing lots of interesting people to meet and listen too. I particularly enjoyed our series of WISEUP workshops and organising a successful day for returners in Cambridge.

My first introduction was from Lucy Spokes, when she was our co-ordinator, and attended the same OU Return to Work event as myself. One meeting and I was hooked! I am especially interested in supporting other women who have put their careers on hold to raise a family and want to return to professional life.

After a career break, I worked within the Digital Services group in the University Library helping devise and implement new IT processes both for libraries and to support teaching across the University. This led me to a role as a Business Analyst for the Bloomsbury Library Management Group helping to implement a new open source library system across a consortium of Libraries.

I now work as Business Analyst for Cambridge Assessment.

My first degree was in Metallurgy and Materials Science and I am married to a Research Physicist so have an appreciation of what working in Science involves, especially since I worked at Harwell during my gap year. After graduation, I choose to work in IT joining Hoskyns (now part of CapGemini) as a Programmer working on financial systems. I followed my husband to the States and worked on Warehouse Software in New York State visiting a wine warehouse in California and a baby clothes warehouse in New Jersey. On our return to the UK, I joined Reuters where I worked on European Stock Exchange data projects. I worked part-time after the birth of my 2 children but eventually decided to stop commuting to London and studied for an OU Postgraduate Diploma in Software Development.

We then relocated to Cambridge (husband’s job) and I spent some time settling the family in. During this time I started a relocated spouses’ group within my husband’s company and wish I had come across AWiSE at this point as I found it hard losing my support network. I took a number of temporary part-time software testing jobs and then came across the OU Return to Work course for women in STEM (no longer running). This led me to a ‘Back to IT’ course run by Thoughtworks in London which updated my skills and confidence. After this I did some voluntary work for Aptivate in Cambridge before starting a full-time job once my children were more independent.

Looking back at my objectives from the OU Return to Work course, I note that one was to make it easier for other women, including my daughter, to have a continuing career in STEM so am pleased to have a chance to help make this happen through AWiSE.


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