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Dream, Dare and Do! AWiSE/CBN joint event is a great success

Dream, Dare and Do! What an inspiring title for our annual joint meeting with Cambridge Businesswomen’s Network (CBN). The event is always a great opportunity for us to meet other women from our sister network, but also to mingle with teachers and sixth-formers from St Mary’s School, which so kindly hosted the meeting and provided us with an excellent buffet.

Kate and girls

Kate invites volunteers to tell us about their dreams!

The title was provided by Kate Atkin, our speaker and facilitator for the evening. Kate encouraged us to commit some dreams to paper, then discuss them in our groups, particularly thinking about whether they are “doing” dreams or “being” dreams. There is an important relationship between these two concepts; thinking about your goals, you could ask yourself, “What would I have to DO to BE xxx….”, and equally, “What would I have to BE to DO xxx…”

Kate in the room

Kate encourages everyone to get involved

Kate then asked us to consider, if we DARED to achieve our goals, what might we tell ourselves, and would these messages be negative or positive? She encouraged us to trust ourselves, and think about what would help to push us forwards towards our dreams. Finally, in terms of the “Doing”, we should identify the first small step that we needed to take to begin down the path of achieving our goals or realising our dreams.


Anne tells us how she broke out of her comfort zone

These activities were followed by a panel discussion, with the panellists talking about what they had dared to do. One of these was AWiSE deputy chair Anne Clarke, who told us about her own personal development journey, which has involved frequent forays beyond her comfort zone!

Plenty of food for thought here, and as always, a most enjoyable evening.

Claire Lucas

Ann Bonnett (CBN), Kate Atkin, Penny Coggill (AWiSE)

Ann Bonnett (CBN), Kate Atkin, Penny Coggill (AWiSE)


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