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Profile: Marloes Tijssen – Research Fellow in Megakaryocyte Biology

Cambridge AWiSE steering group member – Marloes Tijssen

Marloes_TijssenMy first experience with Cambridge AWiSE was when I came to 2nd Career Development Day in June 2012.  This was such an inspiring event that I decided to also sign up for the WISE UP Career Series. The workshops and networking events motivated me a lot. This made me want to share my own experiences and help CamAWiSE with the work they did, which is why I joined the steering group in June 2013.

I started working in Cambridge in 2008 after completing my PhD in Amsterdam at Sanquin, the Dutch blood transfusion service. My research interest has always been how blood platelets (the cells that clot the blood) are formed in the bone marrow from their “parent cell” the megakaryocyte. I was first funded by a grant from the Dutch government and then went on to a Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Union.

It was during that period of time that I also got married and had my two daughters. I have obtained a fellowship from the European Haematology Association and a project grant from the British Heart Foundation which will give me the opportunity to obtain data to apply for an intermediate fellowship, which would be the next step in my career. Obtaining such a fellowship would allow me to set up my own research group with funding for the next 4 to 5 years.

I thrive on the intellectual thrill of working in Cambridge, and through CamAWiSE I have truly enjoyed meeting women who are just as passionate as I am about their career. Time and energy to enjoy family life are important to me. Some of the things I really love to do are horse riding, sailing, baking (but I leave all the cooking to my husband!), and exploring nature.

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