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Blog – Energy for the Future

By Cathy Sorbara

Cambridge’s Trinity Hall played host on Thursday May 21st 2015 to a wonderful and lively evening panel discussion looking at how we will keep up with the ever-growing energy demand.

The event chaired by Raheela Rehman kicked off with an introduction to CamAWiSE by Claire Lucas, the CamAWiSE Co-Chair. The evening discussion was started by Iman Hill, former Vice President of Development and Production, Africa at Sasol Petroleum International. She introduced the audience to the historic and predicted future energy use: demand for energy will surpass the supply by 2050. This global demand will come mostly from developing countries such as; China, India and Saudi Arabia. Although not part of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) members their consumption of oil continues to increase in parallel to their energy intensive manufacturing sectors.

The expert panel included:
Iman Hill (former Vice President of Development and Production, Africa at Sasol Petroleum International)
Professor Jenny Nelson (Solar Energy, Imperial College London)
Professor Clare Grey (Battery Storage, University of Cambridge)
Professor Sir Brian Heap (Smart Villages Initiative, University of Cambridge)

Click here to read the full blog.


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