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Meet the Steering Group – Aldara B. Dios


What is your current profession/background?

I am a vocational product design engineer. Right now I’m working as a freelancer although I would love to work in a design company as part of a team. I’ve also worked as a web and graphic designer and have taught design during summer courses at the University..

What point in your life led you to pursue a STEM career?

In primary school, I had a wonderful maths teacher. He encouraged me and supported me. Maths was my favourite subject so I always knew I would follow a STEM career. For many years, I dreamed of being an astrophysicist. That changed but what never changed was that I wanted to study a STEM-related career.

What is one of your biggest aspirations?

As a product designer, I see myself as an inventor, a problem-solver and a designer. So my aspiration is to change people’s lives with a product I’ve worked on. I would also love to invent a product to wipe housework from women’s lives.

What advice would you give to aspiring female scientists and engineers?

Believealdarabdios.jpg in yourself, no matter what others may say. If you want to be an engineer… you work hard to be an engineer (it’s what I did when I was told that I couldn’t be an engineer because I was a woman).

Don’t let anyone treat you differently because you are a woman. Neither for good nor for bad (I never let my male colleagues do more work just because they felt they could or should). No surprise, you will be more respected.

Learn to program. Now! And… enjoy! Science and technology are so much fun! They answer questions, allow you to be creative, solve problems. You will never be bored.

How have you benefited from being a part of CAMAWiSE?

Being a woman in a STEM career is not always easy. Personally, being part of a group of talented women who have the same problems or share a similar path makes me feel better and helps me better understand the problems I had found in the way. It is very rewarding, as well, to know that you are working to help other women and girls. It’s also been very useful professionally, as I’ve met other women who have helped me in different areas from networking to CV tailoring.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Since I’m living in Cambridge I love riding my trike from the Fitzwilliam to the Round Church on a cold winter afternoon and enjoying the view of all the colleges. I also like to draw buildings, to read science fiction and to knit socks.

Ask me about…..
CAD, design, computers and my tricycle.

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