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4 Steps to Career Success

What’s your strategy for securing your dream job? Are you job-ready? How will you engage key skills that no employer will be able to turn down?


The WiSE-UP series brings a bold freshness to map your journey, unlocking the four steps for career success. It will prepare you to cross each milestone, moving closer and into the job you want. Then create that first initial impact in the job, making you unforgettable for all the right reasons!

In October Naily Makangu (2017 JCI UK “Most Outstanding Leader” winner) opened the series on driving your career forward, pinpoint your motivation and set your career goals. Step-two in November, was to craft that all-winning CV with Claire Button, who helped us prepare our personalised document to get our foot in the door for an interview. You can read more in the blogs on these talks: Driving Your Career Forward, Get Noticed with your CV.

Once in front of the Interviewer(s), Megan Glazebrook (Talent Acquisition Partner, Johnson Matthey) will coach you to nail those Interview Techniques for a definitive yes in step-three. This will neatly lead into step-four, Natacha Wilson’s workshop to create an impact in your first 90 days in your new job.

Join us for both steps or take a single-step workshop. The 4 Steps to Career Success will include all important Networking over coffee, tea and cake.

The WiSE-UP series is open to all! STEM or not, Women and Men. The workshops will all take place at Lucy Cavendish College. 

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One workshop: Perfecting Your Interview Skills

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Two workshops £20

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