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Blog – Impact and Influence in the workplace (…and beyond)

By Isla Furlong

The May 2020 CamAWiSE event was from Natacha Wilson, founder and director of Cambridge Insights, a company that works with leaders, aspiring leaders and teams to maximise their positive impact on the world. Instead of a face-to-face meeting, she provided an engaging and interactive Zoom webinar and workshop addressing impact and influence in the work place and beyond.

To kick off, attendees were invited to introduce themselves on the chat function and tell everyone what they do and where they work/influence. While we weren’t in the same room physically, this was a great way to feel part of the audience and it was interesting to see the range of backgrounds represented on the call.

Natacha engaged participants to consider:

  • define Influence, Status and Power
  • “spheres of influence” – choosing your level(s) of influence
  • hierarchy – formal or non-formal decision process
  • “Lateral” leadership
  • ….

Read the full blog here…

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