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Blog – Strategic Leadership

Today, humans spend a vast amount of time in organisational contexts, always interacting with others, working towards a shared goal. The ability to effectively communicate shared goals, manage teams and individuals is, hence,  of tremendous value in work, volunteering and even in personal relationships.

Despite leadership advice often focusing on changing the individual and sometimes going as far as advising to manipulate others, not much of the popularly shared articles and TED talks approach leadership from an angle of approaching co-workers and stakeholders from a point of curiosity and connection.

However, even in an increasingly tech-driven world, it is vital to use emotional intelligence to lead strategically, explains Kalai Vanii Jayaseelan. Kalai is a former bioinformatician, co-founder of Sukhaatma where she trained hundreds of employees and leaders worldwide in tech, healthcare, research, and change-making.

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