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Blog – Embracing Chance in Your Career Planning

‘Inspired noodles’, somebody typed in. ‘Hopeful biscuits’, said another. As a newly-minted CamAWiSE member, I played along when Cathy Sorbara asked us to share – in just two words – how we were feeling and what we’d last eaten. I looked down at my chat box and had to agree. It was after 8 pm, and I was feeling both hopeful and inspired after an intense session with Tracy Bussoli, London-based careers coach and consultant.

Tracy had begun with her own story and the role that chance had played in shaping her career. We listened as she recounted chance meetings that led to pivotal career moves and brought her to where she is today. Was it just luck or planned happenstance that lay behind these career choices? We weren’t sure, but we were intrigued.

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