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CamAWiSE Social – 31st March

Date/ time: 31st March 2022, 7:00pm

Venue: Boathouse Riverside Pub (Chesterton Road)

Cost: Your drink or food

Take a short break and enjoy a relaxed evening at our upcoming social on Thursday evening, 31st March at 7:00pm.

Meet the CamAWiSE Steering Committee, other CamAWiSE members and professionals to make new connections and friends.

IF YOU ARE NEW to Cambridge or CamAWiSE… you are very welcome!
We understand it might be dauting for some to meet new people – just approach the CamAWiSE friendly team on the evening and we’re happy to make introductions.

It’s free to attend (pay for your meal/drinks on the night).

You are welcome to share this invitation and feel free to bring a friend.
Give yourself something to look forward to and Join Us over a drink or bite to eat

ALL are welcome!

Register here –

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