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A Creative Journey to the Innermost Intuition – Follow Your Heart

  • 16-22 September 2019
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Cambridge
  • Only 20 places
  • Deadline of booking: 16th August 2019
  • Book Now:

How do we make a change for the better?

Gil Alon is a renowned Israeli Zen master, actor, singer, and theatre director and teacher. His previous work has included the “Follow Your Heart workshop”, which he has taken around the world for the past 19 years. He was also designated a Laureate of the “World Peace Ambassador 2015” award from the Save The World Foundation.

Gil Alon is coming as an exclusive visit to run a 7 day workshop “A Creative Journey to the Innermost Intuition – Follow Your Heart”, 16 – 22 September 2019, Cambridge.

This workshop is a new approach

  • to embrace the unknown – a new promotion; a new role; adapting to change in relationships with colleagues; significant changes to the business, causing them uncertainty about their future
  • to fall in love with the doubt – concerns about job security and a lack of interpersonal support
  • to create without the need to be good – afraid to get things wrong or to admit to making mistakes
  • to create without competition – conflict at work can also be a common area of stress

Gil’s workshop will provide a safe and supportive environment, in which the participants are never judged and never criticised. The workshops include: text, emotions, movements and music. The participants will discover new layers of the individual creative source and will express their true inner voice without the need to excel but to be the best they can.

This workshop leads the participants to follow their heart and to connect to their inner truth.

Gil’s powerful leading and teaching, as demonstrated in the TEDx talk below, offer a massive benefit to individuals and organisations especially in the area of communications, self-leadership, self-empowerment, personal growth. All those people out there who want to get success in business, success in life, success in an acting career, success in musical theatre and others goals/aims.

Gil says that “Creative thoughts can flourish when you are in a safe condition; when you know you will not be criticised or judged. My workshops also address this. I tell my participants not to be the best or number one, but be themselves.”

Since the year 2000, Gil travelled in 5 continents and 43 countries. The journey led him to fascinating discoveries and encounters with actors and artists around the world. He has supported thousands of people through his workshops to be able to transform their lives in a safe environment. Wherever and whenever Gil meets people he has a huge positive impact on them.

This very special workshop will deepen and develop the personal creativity of each participant.

This is one of opportunity is not to be missed!

Only 20 places. Deadline of booking: 16th August 2019.

Avoid disappointment and Book Now:

or – to find out more call: 0730-584-4552 or email:

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