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Cambridge AWiSE is a regional network for women in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) in both industry and academia and for women who wish to return to a STEM career after a break. We bring together women with common interests and act as a source of support, information, and inspiration. We aim to help women stay in STEM and make the most of their careers. We provide regular talks, workshops, networking opportunities and information through our website and newsletter.

Cambridge AWiSE members come from all career stages, from Undergraduates to Company Directors and Professors. Although based in Cambridge, we welcome anyone from the Eastern Region (and beyond!).

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The Cambridge AWiSE Steering Group

Cambridge AWiSE is run by a Voluntary Steering Group made up of women from a wide range of STEM fields and at all stages of their careers.

We hold an annual AGM to which all members and interested parties are welcome to attend.  A copy of our constitution is here.

If you would like to join the Steering Group and help set the future direction of Cambridge AWiSE, contact us!

Raheela Rehman – Co-chair

Cathy Sorbara – Co-chair 

Madeleine Warner -Treasurer

Kartika Shetty – Secretary

Aldara B. Dios – Coordinator

Steering Group
Jenny Brookman  (past Treasurer & Dowager Chair)
Penny Coggill   (Dowager Chair)
Azu Hatch
Nikita Hari
Isabel Tingay
Tennie Videler
Lucinda Spokes  (past Secretary and Coordinator)