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AGM Process

  • Positions are publicised (website, newsletter, email communication) together with role description:
    1. Chair
    2. Deputy Chair
    3. Treasure
    4. Secretary
  • Nominations are made, either by a CamAWISE member or by themselves, for each position. The nomination needs to be seconded by a CamAWISE member.  Nominations can be via online form (link) or at the AGM.
  • If one person is nominated per position, they need to be voted in and seconded by CamAWISE members present at the meeting.  Upon completion of this process, the individual officially fills this position.
  • If there is more than one person nominated for a position, then the nominees are invited to provide a 5 minute overview of why they want the position and what they will bring to the role. Once complete, members vote and the nominee with the highest number of votes secure the position.
  • Voting is informal and open, indicated by raising a hand.
  • Nominated details are recorded on AGM meeting minutes.
  • Agenda of AGM:
    1. Overview of CamAWISE activities from the past year: Chair
    2. Time to acknowledge and thank those who have contributed to CamAWISE events: Chair
    3. Introduction to the nominations and voting for the year ahead: Chair
    4. Voting takes place
    5. New positions are minuted by secretary
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