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BLOG – From winter networking to Christmas music under the moon light

by Marloes Tijssen

Winter_ networking_pic1

The games were great ice breakers!

Yesterday evening we had our winter networking games night. Cathy Sorbara, co-chair, had prepared some games that got us talking and allowed us to get to know each other.

We started with “2 truths and a dream” where the others had to guess what your dream was. Then we used the year on a coin to take us back in time and tell others what was happening in our career at that time. In groups we came up with new words for a tree [leaf holder, air cleaner], a rainbow [bended light, arc of iridescence], books [future changers, weighty words], a star [skylight, pointy thing], a puppy [personal trainer, walking plush], and a house [starting point, clutter box].

The evening finished with a variation on “Chinese whispers” where you write a sentence, then the next person draws about what you have written and folds away the sentence, then the next person writes a sentence about this picture, etc. This led to “Tonight I went to an AWiSE meeting” becoming “We love Christmas music under the moon light”, AWiSE_to_Christmaswhich shows the level of creativity we reached and the fact that the seasonal cakes were getting us in a festive mood! All in all an enjoyable evening that allowed us to meet new people and expand our network.


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