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BLOG – Get noticed with your CV with Claire Button

by Aurélie Le Feuvre

Another great session continuing the WiSE-UP series, led by Claire Button, on the 20th of November 2018. Claire is the founder of Fusion Biomed, a specialist life science executive search firm with an emphasis on supporting senior women in leadership roles.

In this workshop, targeting a wide audience from people looking for a new role, returning to work or even aiming for a promotion, Claire showed us how to promote ourselves through a CV that should stand out from the rest.

The main advice is “To prepare your CV, be prepared!!”.

First, when looking for your next step, identify what the challenges in your life are and get ready by putting things in place to overcome these challenges and by surrounding you with a positive environment.

CB profile

Claire Button

Then, explore your options by asking yourself “What am I good at?”, “what can you do?” and, most importantly “what do I want to do?”. To make your self-assessment, do not hesitate to get feed-backs from your friends and trusted colleagues. This is the right time to perform a skills audit (which skills do I have that I can used for this job? which skills do I have that I want to use more? which skills do I want to develop?). When it comes to put that into your CV, make sure you emphasize what you are looking for.

When it comes to write your CV, know and articulate your values and achievements. You need to sell yourself through the use of “I” not “we” and you need to use impactful language such as the strong verbs “demonstrate”, “achieve”, “contribute”.

Your CV, two pages maximum, should only include essential information, such as your contact details, the relevant qualifications and your professional experience. You can choose between a chronological or skills-based approach to describe it. Claire recommends to start your CV with a short profile where you can say who you are, what you do, which skills and capabilities you have that are relevant for the job you apply for and also what could be your potential next assignments, describing the skills you would like to develop in your next role. Do not hesitate to use punchy words to describe yourself to stand-out from other CVs.

If you’re looking for a particular position in a specific company, do your research, understand what the company is looking for and help them, with your CV, to project what you can bring to the company.

Claire also warned us that, along the way, we will face obstacles such as the “imposter syndrome”, the guilt you can feel if you want to leave your company and the lack of confidence when reading job adverts. Don’t be put off by strong language in job adverts, learn how to read what the company really wants and build some resilience.

Finally, when submitting your CV, if you can, try to avoid HR and seek for a human connection. Claire strongly advises to attend networking events to make new contacts and to get on LinkedIn, which can be a great door to apply for a new


Megan Glazebrook


SIGN UP now for the next exciting workshop in the WiSE-UP series: Perfecting your interview skills, 12 March 2019, with Megan Glazebrook (Talent Acquisition Partner, Johnson Matthey).

The WiSE-UP series is open to all! STEMM and non-STEMM, Women and Men are welcome. The workshops will all take place at Lucy Cavendish College. 

If you have booked three or more workshops you are in with a chance to win an autographed copy of Radio Four Jenni Murray’s “A history of the World in 21 Women”, in collaboration with One World Publications.

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