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CamAWISE Weekly Mindfulness Sessions – May-July 2020

In our unique circumstances amidst our ‘new normal’ – Join us for the next four weeks, for our 30 minutes weekly sessions, which are open to everyone. Members are subsidised and attend at no cost, Non-members can make a donation – please scroll down.

The CamAWISE Mindfulness sessions are an opportunity for you to clear the mental clutter and cultivate a more inner calm. Pay deliberate attention to help build your capacity to notice, and respond to information, situations and emotions, without getting overwhelmed or lost.

The sessions will be provided by Kalai Vanii Jayaseelan (Director, Sukhaatma), who is a Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Coach. She is a certified Search Inside Yourself Teacher of evidence-based Mindfulness and Leadership training originally developed at Google.

Research has shown mindfulness is


effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Overall, practice leads to decreased psychological markers of stress in a range of populations. The 2017 comprehensive study at the University of Cambridge evidenced Mindfulness lowered distress for students[1].

All are welcome, and no prior experience is required – just a bit of curiosity and an attitude of openness.

How do the sessions work

Our 30-minute sessions will include a short-guided mindfulness practice and a brief group discussion. CLICK ON A DATE BELOW and register – registration for each session will open closer to the date of the class. A Zoom link will then be sent to you to login at the time of class. Members are eligible for a further four free weeks, non-members are welcome to the additional four weeks by making a donation for each class.

Wednesday, 20 May 7:00-7:30pm All welcome
Wednesday, 27 May 7:00-7:30pm All welcome
Wednesday, 3 June 7:00-7:30pm All welcome
Wednesday, 10 June 7:00-7:30pm All welcome
Wednesday, 17 June 7:00-7:30pm All welcome*
Wednesday, 24 June 7:00-7:30pm All welcome*
Wednesday, 1 July 7:00-7:30pm All welcome*
Wednesday, 8 July 7:00-7:30pm All welcome*

*Please make a donation on booking, fully SUBSIDISED for Members. If not already a Member, click here and Join Us.

For non-members please make a donation

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If you have questions, please email Rukshana Jaman,

If you would like to arrange for a personal consultation or bring mindfulness programs or keynotes to your organisation – contact Kalai at or 07504 246413.

[1]Galante, J et al. Effectiveness of providing university students with a mindfulness-based intervention to increase resilience to stress: a pragmatic randomised controlled trialLancet Public Health; 19 December 2017; DOI: 10.1016/S2468-2667(17)30231-1

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and get Connected!


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