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Blog – A Bold Step into the Leadership Mindset

Women have always possessed the cards in knowledge-sharing, network building, collaborative work practises, flexibility and empathy. These are some of the key components, which are stacked in their favour when it comes to leadership. As we step into the new year, these are now non-negotiable in developing the mindset of a good leader.

Closely acquainted with 2020, the year brought with it a plethora of examples of good leadership. Some are widely known in the greater successful-management to contain the Coronavirus in female-led countries. (As an interesting side note, only 7% of the world’s leaders are women.) This well-examined insight has shown women’s leadership as more democratic, collaborative, communications-led and connective.

It was through much coaching and development, Naily Makangu (Founder and Business Transformation Consultant at Athena Leaders) found her voice. Naily (the Mary Poppins of Business Transformation), the workshop facilitator, started her professional career as a Software Engineer. Initially, she faced contradictive comments about her ability, that created a negative voice in her head. As a result she shared new ideas less often. Her route of self-analysis led to the change in her behaviour and examine the notion of “What if I do something different?”. It was the watershed moment most in transit to leadership are introduced to – You do not need permission to make your change…

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Blog – The CamAWiSE Mentoring Programme: An Interview with Mentor Becky Hall

At CamAWiSE we believe that mentoring brings many benefits to personal and professional development. Mentoring allows the development of new skills, learning about other roles or career paths and opportunities for expanding our networks.

In 2020, CamAWiSE launched a pilot Mentoring programme to support the professional development of women in STEMM and to facilitate connections among professionals in the local community. The programme included twelve pairs of mentor and mentees, who developed relationships and supported each other through a rather challenging year. 

We wanted to learn a bit more about the participants’ experience and so we asked one of our mentors, Becky Hall about her perspective participating in the programme. Becky is Internal Communications Manager at the semiconductor and software design company Arm, and was Chair of CIPR East Anglia from 2018 until the end of 2020.

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Hidden STEM Figures in Cambridge

Date: 16th & 23rd November 2020

Time: 6.00 – 7.30 pm


Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women face a number of challenges when pursuing studies or a career in STEMM, including biases related to race, underrepresentation and lack of role models. CamAWISE, with support from the University of Cambridge Diversity Fund, will be running two events in November to celebrate the contributions of BAME women in STEMM.

See the full details and register here.


CamAWISE’s September social goes online: This is how it went!

It is a tradition for CamAWISE to host a September social as an opportunity to get together and network after the summer break. Given the current COVID-19 circumstances, we could not meet at a pub this year but we did not want to miss an opportunity to catch up with many of you and so we hosted our September social over Zoom on September 17th.

We kicked off the session with a ‘Finding commonalities’ activity. In smaller groups of three or four and introduced ourselves with just our name and job, the goal was to find as many things in common to everyone in the group as possible…

We had lots of fun over the group activities, scavenger hunt and music quiz! Click here to read the full blog…

Blog – CamAWISE Mindfulness Sessions

CamAWISE offered 30-minute mindfulness sessions for 8 weeks between May and July this year. The sessions took place online on Wednesday evenings and were facilitated by Kalai vanii Jayaseelan, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Coach and Director of Sukhaatma.

When your mind wanders, you simply bring it back to what you were supposed to be focussing on. The main idea is to stay with what’s here in the present, not the past or future, in a non-judgmental way. Practising like this in meditations means these skills will spill over into a person’s everyday life, and they will become more mindful and focussed generally, as well as responding in a calmer way to difficult situations.

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