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Conscious Leadership for Work and Life with Julie Hogbin

Date: 25th November 2019

Location: Lucy Cavendish College


Have you ever wondered how people achieve more with less, with ease and what appears to be little effort? Whether you’re running a one wo(man) project, part of a team  or CEO of a multinational – you can lead from anywhere within an organisation or in your personal life. This workshop will show you how you can achieve exactly that!


Leadership is an attitude, not a title


We are thrilled to have Julie Hogbin (Coach, Mentor and Author) with us, who will take you through the steps to create change and adopt tools for leadership in the 21st Century and the implications for Leaders at Work & Home.


Are Leaders made or born? – that age-old discussion
What is Conscious Leadership? & what makes it different from any other Leadership concepts. 
How do you become a conscious leader? A discussion through the process of: 

  1. Habits – how are they formed & what affect do they have
  2. Unconscious to Conscious recognising the drivers
  3. Principles that drive behaviours
  4. Values that drive the principles
  5. Skilful Speech – putting it all into practice
  6. Change & the implications
  7. Cultural Norms  

Bring your questions, and Julie will walk through as many of your challenges with you as she can. This workshop will include the all important Networking over coffee, tea and cake. ALL are welcome (all genders and non-STEMM too).

Booking for this event has now closed.  If you have any queries, please email

Julie Hogbin is a published author, an international speaker, Founder of Conscious Leadership, The Conscious Leadership Podcast and You Tube Channel. She supports the United Nations Sustainable Goals and donates 10% of income as a Business for Good through B1G1 – buy 1 give 1.

Julie has successfully advocated ‘conscious and principled leadership’ working with more than 20,000 leaders at every level of management and leadership over thirty years. With passion, dedication, sensitivity, and enthusiasm, she works in a holistic way on the human element of organisational business. Committed to continuous development in a fast-changing world, Julie provides the right knowledge at the right time to unleash the potential in others to be the best they can be thus benefiting the organisation they work for and themselves. 

Julie is a strategist and knows that when people are held accountable by self and others, they respect they achieve more. History has proven that those with written goals that are revisited on a regular basis achieve far more which promoted the writing of her 1st book ‘’ See it, Say it, Write it, Believe it, Achieve it. Simple right? So why isn’t everyone achieving their true potential? Because we all need support and challenge.

Self-Awareness + Self Mastery + Self Expression = Confidence = Results

Julie Hogbin’s Conscious Leadership Podcast


Booking for this event has now closed.  If you have any queries, please email

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