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Dealing with the Media with Don Powell

Mail AttachmentOur long-awaited ‘Media’ event is here and we are delighted that media consultant,

Don Powell, will join us to cast a critical eye over the stories we read and guide us through writing the best news stories we can, while revealing his own media strategy.

This evening will be fully-interactive and Don will bring his considerable expertise to exploring how science and technology gets into the media: from what makes a story (it’s not all celebs), to how to phrase our language so the story works for our audience — most often, journalists.

The interactive ‘media’ part

We’ll do some exercises to see how news is developed, what we need to do to tell the story and make it appealing, explore the challenges journalists and the wider public face, and try to develop some stories that belong to you.

Don will be asking you to choose a story and take us through the presentation of that story through several media. From Nature, the Guardian, the Express, and online/social. How do they differ? Is each valuable? These are some of the questions to expect.

Science in the news

Don will talk about presenting subjects such as science and tech to non-specialist audiences. How does it work? What can I say? What does my audience understand? (A bit of stats and survey data will illustrate here).

What makes a particular story take off? Exploring what journalists ask and what they need from the researcher, Don will explain some of the exciting science he’s worked on with thoughts on why some stories simply didn’t run and why some did!

When: Tuesday 14 June, 8-10pm – Reception Rooms, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

Booking for this event has now closed.  If you have any queries, please email


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