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Calendar of events


14th September. September Social.

18th July: Let’s get quizzical. A women in STEM quiz night 

30th June. LMB/MRC Lunchtime talk.

23rd May. Dawn Bonfield MBE inspirational talk.

April 26thImpostor syndrome. Facilitated by Kate Atkin.

CamAWiSE Workshop Series: WiSE UP 2017

October 18thIdentify your strengths & values. Facilitated by Tennie Videler

November 15th – Getting notice on LinkedINFacilitated by Cathy Sorbara

March 7th – MentoringFacilitated by Natacha Wilson

March 28thConfidence: the ultimate career ingredient. Facilitated by Tennie Videler

Other events

December 6th – Winter Networking. CamAWiSE Steering Group showcase.

February 1st – Wine Tasting. Women winemakers.


20 September– September social. An informal meeting with members and Non-members at The Castle Inn, Cambridge.

30 June 2016 – ‘Save the date’ LMB/MRC Lunchtime talk – Thursday 30 June: 12pm – 2pm (Max Perutz lecture theatre, MRC-LMB, Francis Crick Avenue, Cambridge Biomedical Campus).

14 June 2016 Dealing with the Media – an interactive session with speaker, Don Powell.

17 May 2016 Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, former member of CamAWISE and author of ‘Beyond the Boys Club‘ and ‘Female Breadwinners’, will be with us on 17th May to run an innovative ’serious game’ workshops which uses an online role play game as a springboard for live discussion. The focus of this event will be: ’New Opportunities: Building the Business Case for Diversity’.

5 April 2016 Kate Atkin – ‘Taking on managerial responsibilities’. Wood-Legh Room, Lucy Cavendish College.

15 March 2016 Recipes for Networking & AGM, Reception Rooms, Reception Rooms, Lucy Cavendish College. Making networking less scary, more fun and very effective. A short AGM will follow the networking event.

23 Feb 2016  Spinning Plates – A very special event: Wendy Reus and Penny Clayton, authors of the highly popular book Spinning Plates share their tips, thoughts and ideas for balancing work, parenting and home. Wood-Legh Room, Lucy Cavendish College.

26 January 2016 – Join us for a meal at The Castle Inn, 38 Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AJ. This is a social and all welcome. Just email Gayle at if you would like to come along and pay for meal/drinks on the night.

8 December 2015 Winter Networking: Speed Mentoring (details here)

17 November 2015 Adelina Chalmers – Better research presentations – How to present your research so as to engage and influence your audience. (Wood-Legh Rm, Lucy Cavendish, 8-10 pm). (details here)

9 November 2015  Careers Fair for Girls (13-18 yrs) in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. (details here)

 13 October 2015 Communication skills master class – Facilitated by Jane Goodall. Reception Rooms, Lucy Cavendish College. (details here)

1 Oct 2015 Novel Imaging for Cancer – Joint CamAWiSE and IOP event at Schlumberger. (details here)

15 September 2015 Thrive at work: discover how to feel confident and valued – Facilitated by Nina Cooke. (details here)

14 July 2015 Summer Networking with strawberries, cream and scones (details here)

16 June 2015 The secrets of high-performing teams. Second in Workshop Series. (details here)

9 June 2015 What next for your Career? Joint event with the MRC-LMB  (details here)

21 May 2015 Energy for the Future (details here)

14th April – Unconscious bias (details here)

Saturday 14 March 2015 Come and see us our stand on Biology weekend at the Dept of Pathology, upstairs at the Downing Street site: 10-5pm Cambridge Science Festival

6-7 pm, Lucy Cavendish College

9-22 March 2015 Cambridge Science Festival

12 March 2015 Lucy Cavendish “Women of Achievement” Series (talk followed by Formal Hall)

24 February 2015  Three-Minute Wonder talks and AGM (details here)

27 January 2015 Social event – Wine tasting with a scientific flavour


2nd October 2014: Cambridge AWiSE 20th Anniversary celebrations
5.30-9.30 pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge – more info here; read one delegate’s view of the event here

26th October 2014: Cambridge AWiSE at WoW Cambridge

10th November 2014: STEM Careers event for girls
7-9.30pm, Netherhall School, Cambridge

25th November 2014: Negotiation Skills workshop with Ruth Barber
8-10pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

9th December 2014: Cambridge AWiSE Winter Networking – Clare Kerrison, Improv tutor

27th January 2015: Social event – Wine tasting with a scientific flavour!

24th February 2015: Three-Minute Wonder talks followed by short AGM

12th March 2015: Lucy Cavendish “Women of Achievement” Series (talk followed by Formal Hall)
6-7 pm, Lucy Cavendish College

9th-22nd March 2015: Cambridge Science Festival

14th March 2015: Come and see us our stand on Biology weekend at the Dept of Pathology, upstairs at the Downing Street site: 10-5pm Cambridge Science Festival

21st May 2015: Energy for the Future – 7-9.30pm, Cambridge.

9th June 2015: What next for your Career? Joint event with the MRC-LMB. Free event 12-2pm (There will be a buffet lunch following the event).

16th June 2015: The secrets of high-performing teams. Second in Workshop Series.

14th July 2015: Summer Networking with strawberries, cream and scones…8-10pm Lucy Cavendish College.


24th September 2013: Presentation skills workshop with Jon Torrens
7.30pm-10pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge

11th October 2013: “Relaunch your career”
9.15am-4.30 pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge
More details are available here. See photos of the day here, and a report here.

28th October 2013: “Is it a feminist position to encourage women to work and study in male-dominated fields?”
It’s over 100 years since the beginnings of feminism when suffragettes successfully campaigned for the right of women to vote, and 40 years since equal pay for equal work was enshrined in UK Law. And yet we still see gender stereotyping and sex discrimination throughout our society and gender inequality in our workplaces. So what has 100+ years of feminism achieved?
7.30-9.00pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.
Festival of Ideas event. For more information click here.

14th November 2013: Sue Black, Senior Research Associate in the Software Systems Engineering group in the Department of Computer Science at University College London and a Senior Consultant with Cornerstone Global Associates.
6.00pm-7.00pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Joint event with Lucy Cavendish College.

21st November 2013: “Dream, Dare, Do”, featuring Kate Atkin. Joint event with Cambridge Businesswomen’s Network and St Mary’s School
6.30pm-9.30pm, St Mary’s School, Bateman St, Cambridge. More information here

25th November 2013: Wikipedia Women in Science Edit-a-thon
10.30am-5.00pm, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge. Joint event with the MRC. More information here

10th December 2013: Winter Networking
8pm-10pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. More information here

30th January 2014: Gillian Griffiths, Professor of Immunology and Cell Biology, and Director of the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

28th February 2014: Chocolate Tasting with Chocolat Chocolat
7.30 pm, Baroosh, Cambridge.

15th March 2014: AWiSE at the Cambridge Science Festival

29th March 2014: “Meet the Stemettes” in Cambridge – a joint panel event with Stemettes and Cam Women in Tech

1st April 2014: Creativity workshop with Tennie Videler (plus a short AGM)
8pm-10pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge

6th May 2014: Networking and social event at the Cambridge Science Centre
7.30pm-9.30 pm, Cambridge Science Centre, Jesus Lane, Cambridge

4th June 2014: What next after academia? Careers in science communication, policy and administration (joint event with the LMB)
12pm-2pm, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge Biomedical Campus

23rd June 2014: Inventing the Future with Tim Minshall, Anne Miller, Laura James and Kate Stone
8pm-10pm, Makespace, Cambridge

8th July 2014: Summer Networking
8pm-10pm, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge


2nd October: WiSE UP Careers Series 1.  “Career Anchors: identify your talents, strengths & values”.   Put into perspective what is important to you so you can concentrate your efforts whether searching, applying or seeking promotion. Facilitated by Jenny Koenig and Tennie Videler.  Event report here

23rd October: WiSE UP Careers Series 2. ”Don’t keep it to yourself: market your potential”.  How to get the position you have decided you want.  Craft an effective CV, make best use of performance appraisals, manage your online presence; and do it with flair. Facilitated by Katherine Stalham, Melanie Findlater and Jenny Koenig.  Event report here

8th November: Professor Margaret Stanley OBE, Professor of Epithelial Biology, University of Cambridge “The development of vaccines and immunotherapies against human papillomaviruses, the cause of cervix cancer”. Event report here

22nd November: “Is there a book in you?” Joint event with Cambridge Business Women’s Network and St Mary’s School. Event report here

27th November: WiSE UP Careers Series 2.5.  Informal networking and CV clinic.

6th December: Cambridge AWiSE winter networking.

15th January: WiSE UP Careers Series 3. ”Confidence, poise and gravitas: you’re great, let others know it”.  How to have the confidence to ace an interview, make the right choices and negotiate the outcomes you want. Facilitated by Vivien Hodges. Slides from this workshop are available here.

24th January: Australian-themed Wine Tasting, Cambridge Wine Merchants.

5th February: “Myers-Briggs: knowing me, knowing you (aha)” An expansion on a hugely popular workshop at the WiSE UP careers day.  Gain insights into your own preferences, why other people can be so different and how to tailor your approach to enhance productivity. Facilitated by Geraint Story  Event report here

28th February: Nessa Carey ”Epigenetics – the reason there are no teeth in your eyeballs”. Joint event with Lucy Cavendish College.

9th March: “Taking the leap – returning to work or study” For International Women’s Day;  part of a day of discussions, workshops and performances celebrating the individual and collective power and strength of women. Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge.

16th March: Cambridge Science Festival CAMAWiSE stand in the Old Examination Hall, Free School Lane. See photos here

26th March: AGM and Easter Networking

24th April: “Do you have a business in you?”  Liz Lyon and Luanne Hill, of Rise Business Circle, present a workshop which will help you to identify the ideas and skills you already have which may potentially be developed into a successful business.
Summary of key points here; Event report here

9th May: Dr Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb (DAMPT) ”Restoring Profanity: Applying Mathematics to Digital Image Restoration”. Joint event with Lucy Cavendish College.

21st May: WiSE UP Careers Series .  Three months after our final WiSE UP workshop, “Myers Briggs – Knowing Me, Knowing You (Aha!)”, we thought it would be good to give our WiSE UP participants the chance to meet up again and share their thoughts about the series and experiences since it finished. Event report here

7th June: “What next after Academia? From bench to bioinformatics…” CAMAWiSE/MRC-LMB Lunchtime meeting. Kindly sponsored by the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. LMB building, Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Photos here

14th June: AWiSE tour of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Event report here

26th June: Prof. Dame Athene Margaret Donald, Department of Experimental Physics “Different ways to reach out” Athene’s career has taken her to some very unexpected places (though not particularly of a geographical kind) and provided a host of opportunities and challenges. Following the award of the 2009 L’Oreal/UNESCO FWIS Laureate she has been given many chances to talk to general audiences, including through mainstream media. More recently, Athene’s ventures into blogging and social media more generally have also opened up new routes for outreach and/or public engagement. She believes these routes can serve to raise the profile of and for women in science. Event report here

10th July: Cambridge AWiSE summer networking With scones, strawberries and cream, out in the garden if the weather is fine.


3rd October 2011:  Cambridge AWiSE members will join the STEM Panel at Girl Leadership Day with STEM TEAM  Cambridge and St. Marys School.  Meeting report coming soon…

11th October 2011: Mentoring for Success,  8pm-10pm, at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Facilitated by Jacqui Hogan of MentorSET. Read about it here. 10th November 2011: Prof Ann Dowling, “Towards a Silent Aircraft“. 6 – 7pm at Lucy Cavendish College. Joint event with Lucy Cavendish College.  This was a superb more here.

10th November 2011: 7 for 7.30, Formal Hall (Science, Engineering, Maths, Computer Science and Geography) at Lucy Cavendish College. Cost £21. Please contact Jenny Koenig (jk111 at if you would like to attend.

24th November 2011: “An Audience with Professor Dame Sandra Dawson” 6:30 – 9:30 pm at St Mary’s School, Bateman Street. Joint Event with Cambridge Business Women’s Network.  An inspirational evening, read Tennie’s (CamAWiSE co-Chair) learning points and meeting summary here.

28th November 2011: “The Accidental Entrepreneur: Different Pathways to Success”.  6:30-9:30 pm, Hidden Rooms, Cambridge. A joint event organised by CamAWiSE, CfEL and Startup Masterclass.   This event provided a fascinating insight into the career paths and choices made by the panel…read more soon

25th January 2012: New Year New You, Building Confidence in the Workplace with Kate Atkin” (Aspire-2). 8-10pm, Wood-Legh Room, Lucy Cavendish College.

21st February 2012: 8 – 10pm at Lucy Cavendish College.  Peer Mentoring Workshop with Tennie Videler and Cambridge AWiSE AGM.  8-10pm, Reception Rooms, Lucy Cavendish College.  Please register here.

15th March 2012: 6 – 7pm at Lucy Cavendish College. Prof Margaret Stanley will talk about her work on the human papilloma virus and the current vaccination scheme for girls. Joint event with Lucy Cavendish College and part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

17th March 2012: Science Saturday, Cambridge Science Festival

17th May 2012: 6 – 7pm at Lucy Cavendish College Jenifer Glynn, the sister of Rosalind Franklin, will speak about her forthcoming book “My Sister Rosalind Franklin”.

25th May 2012: Joint event with MRC-LMB Harriet Fear CEO of One Nucleus

22nd June 2012: WiSE UP: Strategies for Success in STEM 2nd Cambridge AWiSE Career Development Day.  A full day of high intensity training and networking for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine.  Learn new skills or refresh existing ones to realise your full potential in STEM.

10th July 2012: Summer Networking. Join us for a fun and relaxed evening networking, with one or two little extras.  8 – 10pm at Lucy Cavendish College.  Register here.  Cambridge AWiSE members bring a friend for free.


Tues 18 Jan. Biochemistry Dept, Cambridge University. Networking Breakfast for International Year of Chemistry. Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time. A breakfast gathering to hear Women in Chemistry working in The Gambia linking up via Skype and FaceBook as part of many link-ups around the world as women in Chemistry meet to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
Tues 15 Feb. Lucy Cavendish College. Peer Mentoring  followed by Annual General Meeting and Networking. The peer mentoring session facilitated by Tennie Videler allowed the attendees to discuss similar issues in specific groups with the aim of women finding mentoring support using the inherent resources, skills and experiences of the CamAWiSE network. A follow-up session is planned for the June meeting.
Wed 16 March. Lucy Cavendish College. Is there a Female Brain? Popular culture contends that the brains of men and women differ dramatically. Others call this ‘Neurosexism’. Neuroscientists and social psychologists evaluate the scientific evidence and its implications in a discussion led by Terri Apter and Sabine Bahn.
Sat 19 March. Cambridge City Centre. Cambridge AWiSE at the Cambridge Science Festival. Cambridge AWiSE entertained and educated young and old alike with a variety of hands-on activities such as paper chromatography and testing speeds of reaction. Those working on our stand provided valuable information and advice about the role of the network in supporting women in STEM careers.
Fri 20 May. MRC-LMB. What next? Moving into Patent Law. Frances Baxter and Naomi Stevens, Patent Attorneys from Boult Wade Tennant discussed the process and training in moving from research to become  patent attorneys. The talk was of interest for anyone looking to make a move  into the commercial world of intellectual property. This was a very well attended  lunchtime discussion meeting.
Tues 14 June. Lucy Cavendish College. Return, Change, Reconnect to a Career in STEMKatie Perry, Chief Executive of the Daphne Jackson Trust led the discussion on returning to a Career in STEM through the Fellowship Scheme and introduced DJ Fellows Elizabeth Crilly, Olga Gandelman and Erica Bithell, to share their experiences.
Tues 5 July. Lucy Cavendish College. Summer Networking Evening and Talk with Georgina Ferry: A Science Writer’s Life. Georgina talked about her work as a science writer and editor with insights into the writing and background of her best known works on the life of Dorothy Hodgkin and the biography of Max Perutz.


Thurs 21 Jan. Lucy Cavendish College. The Science and Beauty of Nebulae. Dr. Carolin Crawford.Cambridge AWiSE members joined with Lucy Cavendish to hear Dr. Carolin Crawford from the Institute of Astronomy. Dr. Crawford, who was one of the UKRC Women of Outstanding Achievement in 2009 gave a talk that was both fascinating and beautiful. This talk was followed by Science Formal Hall at Lucy Cavendish College.
Tues 9 Feb. Lucy Cavendish College. Annual General Meeting and Networking Event. A great opportunity to find out who we are, what we do and how to get involved. We also got to find out quite a bit about each other and why we love what we do! And of course there was cake!
Mon 8 Mar. Lucy Cavendish College. International  Women’s Day – Women in Sustainable Development – Issues and Careers. Cambridge AWiSE celebrated International Women’s Day in style again in 2010 with talks from Dr. Sally Uren, Deputy Chief Executive for Forum for the Future and Dr. Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley from InCrops and the University of Cambridge as our speakers.
Sat 13 Mar. Cambridge City Centre. Cambridge AWiSE at Cambridge Science Festival.Cambridge AWiSE members increased the visibility of our network and entertained and educated young and old alike with our hands-on activities – building a bridge with paper, making paper spinners, creating a tornado in a bottle and seeing how fast your reactions are. We send our thanks to everyone who volunteered and to everyone who came along.
Fri 30 April. MRC-LMB What Next: Moving into the Media. Deborah Cohen MBE, Science Editor BBC Radio. We were delighted to welcome Deborah Cohen to our 3rd Joint MRC/Cambridge AWiSE meeting looking at  successful careers after academia. Deborah is the Science Editor for BBC Radio. She spoke about her own career and offered advice to scientists thinking about a move into the media.
Thurs 6 May. Lucy Cavendish College. Exploring the Myths of GM Foods: A look behind the scenes. Dr. Sarah Covshoff. Sarah began her talk with a short introduction to genetic modification of foods, explaining what GM is (and isn’t). She then looked behind the news headlines and illustrated using some case studies where the technology impacts upon issues such as the environment and food security. Sarah’s research utilises biotechnology to develop a new rice variety to increase yields in developing countries and is part of a global humanitarian effort to address food security in Asia. We followed this talk with the opportunity to attend Formal Hall.
Fri 18 June. Lucy Cavendish College. Career Development Day. Our first ever full day Career Development Day on 18th June was a fantastic success. 54 women from research and industry spent a day at Lucy Cavendish College listening to inspirational women (including two FRS’s!) and taking part in workshops with rather different themes to those normally on offer! The main take home messages were: Take risks; Increase your network; Show confidence; Make and take opportunities to present your work and become more visible; acknowledge your skills to yourself. Our Speakers were Dr. Suzanne Doyle Morris, Dr. Tennie Videler, Prof. Nicky Clayton, Prof. Karen Steele, Dr. Laura James, Dr. Monika Papworth, Carol Collins, Michelle Brailsford, Kate Atkins and Elizabeth Kuhnke.
Tues 6 July.
Lucy Cavendish College. Summer Networking.  This was another great opportunity to meet new people and hear from Rukhsana Din, the new Organisations & Network Coordinator at The UKRC.
Tues 12 Oct. Lucy Cavendish College.  From Bench to Business. Our speakers were Miriam Ferrer and Louise Lewis from Abcam, Tanya Morton from  The MathWorks and Gemma Peters from GATC. All described their career paths from academia to industry and from their research to roles in sales, marketing and business development.
Wed 10 Nov. St. Mary’s School.  Banish Procrastination. Sixth Joint Event with Cambridge Business Women’s Network. Iris Brandstatter explored reasons why we procrastinate with tips and solutions on how to avoid procrastinating in future.
Thurs 11 Nov. Lucy Cavendish College. Hopping across Boundaries. Science talk and Science Formal Hall. Valory Batchellor described her career moves from a degree in Psychology to being a Senior Technical Professional at IBM.


To celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge AWiSE and WiSETI held three events throughout 2009 to draw attention to and celebrate the role of women in science both at the University and the wider community. We hope current and future generation of women scientists continue to build on the achievements of successful women of the past. By both highlighting historical successes and promoting younger women of promise, we aim to inspire women, students and school girls around Cambridge to full and equal participation in STEM careers.

Thurs 22 Jan. Lucy Cavendish College. Ghosts of Women Past. Dr. Patricia Fara. We’re were really pleased to welcome Dr. Patricia Fara, scientific historian and Senior Tutor of Clare College, Cambridge to talk at our first 800th Anniversary event. Even at Cambridge, there are still relatively few women at the top levels of science, and Dr. Fara examined how studying the past can help us to understand why. Challenging conventional history, she revealed women’s vital but concealed participation in science’s development. Excluded from universities until the end of the nineteenth century, women made different contributions from men, but different need not mean insignificant.  This event was followed by Science Formal Hall at Lucy Cavendish College.
Tues 10 Feb. Lucy Cavendish College. Annual General Meeting and  Networking Event. This was a great opportunity to find out about Cambridge  AWiSE, a chance to network and meet new people and, of course, eat cake!
Thurs 5 March. Lucy Cavendish College. Sparking Ideas: Utilising all our talents in Science and Engineering. Prof. Virginia Valian, Hunter College City University of New York. Lamia Walker, Director Centre for Women in Business, London Business School. Celebrating International Women’s Day and National Science and Engineering Week. Joint meeting with Lucy Cavendish College. Experience shows that diverse teams are more innovative and effective yet women are still under represented at senior levels in both business and academia. Our speakers tonight presented latest research from Psychology and Economics to show why this is the case and discussed how combining talents is good for everyone. Virginia Valian is the author of “Why so slow: The advancement of women”. In this book, she uses psychology, sociology, economics and biology to explain the disparity in the professional advancement of men and women. She claims men and women both have implicit views about gender differences which advantage men and disadvantage women professionally. Prof. Valian discussed how the invisible factors retarding women’s progress can be made visible so that fair treatment of men and women becomes possible. Lamia Walker is the Associate Director of the Centre for Women in Business at London Business School. The Centre’s mission is to be the pre-eminent research centre for leadership and knowledge on women in business in Europe and showcases best practice on gender diversity in the business world. This event was followed by Formal Hall at Lucy Cavendish, open to Cambridge AWiSE members.
Sat 14 March. Cambridge. Cambridge Science Festival We had a fantastic day at Cambridge Science Festival, launching rocket mice off plastic milk cartons using only the force of air, building a bridge with a single piece of paper, creating a tornado in a bottle, finding out how chromatography can be used to seperate mixtures and stabbing potatoes with straws to see how force, area and pressure are all related. Thank you to everyone who helped out and all who visited.
Tues 28 April. Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Medical Research Council, Addenbrookes. What Next? Moving from Academia to Industry. Ruth McKernan, Chief Scientific Officer, Pfizer Regenerative Medicine. Joint Cambridge AWiSE/MRC Women in Science Group Meeting. We were really pleased to welcome Dr. Ruth McKernan to our second joint Cambridge AWiSE/MRC Women in Science Group Event. Dr. McKernan leads Pfizer’s Regenerative Medicine Unit which works at the forefront of science using the latest developments in stem cell biology. She spoke about her own career history, discussed the skills and attributes that industry looks for in scientists and offered fantastic advice to scientists thinking about a move into industry.
Tues 12 May. St. Mary’s School, Cambridge. Current Routes to Success: Academia and Industry. To celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the University, Cambridge AWiSE and WiSETI are looking at the role of Women in Science at Cambridge and in the wider community. Our second event in this series featured Anne Miller, Val Gibson and Suzanne Cohen who work in Science, Engineering and Technology today. They spoke about their personal career histories, discussed the qualities they believe women need to succeed, what the current challenges are in their fields and why they love what they do now.
Wed 22 May. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. CV’s and Covering Letters for academia and industry. Joint Event with WiSETI. A very informative evening event with talks from Tanya Morton from The MathWorks, Beth Clarke from Lab Support, a specialist recruitment agency, and Denise Dear from the University of Cambridge looking at how best to produce a CV and covering letter people take notice of. Each of the speakers outlined what they looked for and also what they disliked!
Thurs 18 June. Newnham College, Cambridge. Influencing Your World –  Getting Women onto Public Boards. Joint Event with the UK  Resource Centre for Women in SET and the Women’s Network at the University of Cambridge. The UKRC want to encourage and support more women onto public boards, where they are currently under-represented. Being a member of a public board develops a range of important skills, such as strategic thinking and problem solving. It provides valuable networking opportunities and a chance to put professional knowledge into broader use for the benefit of your profession and society as a whole. Rachel Tobbell from the UKRC gave an overview of why it is important to increase the diversity of public boards and practical information on the types of boards, the work they do and how to apply for a position. Our guest speaker was Dr. Sophie Rocks Centre Manager of the Risk Centre at Cranfield University. She is a member of the Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances.
Thurs 9 July. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Summer Networking.  This was a great evening catching up with old friends and meeting someone new.
Tues 29 Sept Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Scientist or Woman in Science? Dr. Esther Haines. In October 2003, after over twenty years as a research scientist in physics, Esther accepted a half-time one year position as a Recruitment Officer with the Women in Science Engineering and Technology Initiative (WiSETI) at the University of Cambridge. Six years later she is moving on. In this talk Esther gave a personal view of that move into ‘Women in SET’ and included:
– The ideas that have particularly influenced her, for example, unconscious bias and the accumulation of disadvantage.
– The ‘culture shock’ of moving from research in physics to university administration.
– Her wishlist of ways to improve the experience of women in SET and her personal views on how we can make progress.
Esther has made an incredible contribution to Cambridge AWiSE during her time here. Although we will miss her greatly, we wish her the very best for her return to New Zealand.
Tues 20 Oct. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. What do researchers do? Dr. Tennie Videler. We were very pleased to welcome Tennie who is the Programme Manager: Researchers for Vitae. Vitae is a national organisation which champions the personal, professional and career development of doctoral research staff. She has recently completed the Vitae research report ‘What do Researchers Do? First destinations of doctoral graduates by subject.’ The results show that doctoral graduates are highly employable right across the economy in a wide range of occupations. You can download a copy of the report and the accompanying ‘What do Researchers Do? Career profiles of doctoral graduates.’ from the Vitae website.
Wed 11 Nov. Girl Leadership Day. From School to SET: Inspiring the next generation of women in SET – Third in our series of events to  celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the University of Cambridge. On 11th November we held our third and final event as part of our Women in Science: Past, Present and Future special series of networking events. Members of Cambridge AWiSE and STEM Ambassadors from STEM TEAM Cambridgeshire took part in this event. They spoke about their careers and why they love what they do to an audience of 450 girls from both State and Independent Schools across the region. Our contribution was the final part of a day long ‘Girl Leadership Day’ organised by Charlotte Avery, Head of St. Mary’s School, Cambridge. Many many thanks for organising the magnificent final part of the day, it really was a pyrotechnic feast! What was so clearly conveyed by the speakers was their passion for what they do, the range of their jobs, the opportunity to travel and the importance of a flexible approach. I have no doubt that your panel have certainly focused the minds of many students and helped inspire the next generation of key female players in STEM.
Wed 11 Nov. St. Mary’s School, Cambridge. Writing for a Purpose – Ros  Horton and Sally Simmons, Cambridge Editorial Partnership. Fifth Joint Event with Cambridge Business Women’s Network. Writing IS easy; but good, interesting and effective writing is more difficult. We all have to write, sometimes its difficult to know how or where to start. You might have far too much material or too little. And what about the audience? Do you know who you are writing for? Sally Simmonds and Ros Horton will guide us through some of the problems and pitfalls in the writing process, from collecting and organising your material through the business of writing and then revising and checking your work. During this event Ros and Sally gave advice and got us all thinking how best to start writing, how to improve our style and avoid common mistakes.


Tues 22 Jan. Lucy Cavendish College. Cambridge AWiSE Annual General Meeting and Networking Event. This meeting was a great chance to find out more about Cambridge AWiSE and to get to know us all!
Thurs 24 Jan. Lucy Cavendish College. Science and Engineering Formal Hall. This was a great chance to dress up and socialise with Cambridge AWiSE members and Daphne Jackson Trust Fellows.
Tues 4 Mar. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Back on Track: Ways back into SET after a career break. This meeting was held
specifically for women wishing to return to SET after a break. Louise McInnes from the UKRC talked about the support the UKRC can offer through the RETURN Scheme, the new T161 course and the GetSET database. Olga Gandelman spoke at about Daphne Jackson Fellowships, Elizabeth Crilly spoke about STEMNET and the Science and Engineering Ambassador Scheme and Jackie Roberts talked about the realities of returning to work.
Tues 11 Mar. Lucy Cavendish College. Creativity and Innovation: Personal Strenghts and the Shaping of Careers in Science – Melanie Lee, Sabine Bahn and Ruth Cameron. A meeting held in memory of Dr. Anne McLaren and celebrating International Women’s Day and National Science and Engineering Week. This meeting addressed the question of how we can develop the personal strengths of scientists to produce the best teams and the most innovative and creative research. It was followed by a Formal Hall.
Sat 15 Mar. Cambridge. Cambridge Science Festival. Cambridge AWiSE were present at the Science Festival again this year entertaining young and old with our fun experiments and letting women know about us. Thanks to funding from Cambridge Science Festival, we also showed our photodisplay of Women in SET.
Fri 11 April. Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Medical Research Council, Addenbrookes. What Next? Successful Careeers After Academia. This meeting was a chance to thinking about what to do next in your career. Lucy  Holt, former LMB PhD student, now at Domantis, and Rosy Hosking, a former MRC Scientist now at MRC Technology talked about their career paths and how life in industry differs from that in academia. This meeting was kindly sponsored by MRC Women in Science.
Tues 15 April. Lucy Cavendish College. Money, Money, Money .. managing your finances when you’ve had a meandering career! Anne St.Ives. Anne, an independent financial advisor, provided a great overview of financial planning in this ever changing economic, political and tax environment.
Thurs 1 May. Royal Society of Chemistry. Bigger Brains for Better SET Business – Jenny Scott, Powering Up. Jenny Scott from Powering Up gave
a great demonstration of how we all learn differently and talked about how working together in teams and understanding and valuing different learning styles achieves better business results, is a more intelligent way to work and how it produces better thoughts and ideas.
Tues 13 May. Lucy Cavendish College. So you want to be an academic?  Joint Meeting with Cambridge University Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative. Prof. Peter McNaughton (Head, Pharmacology), Dr. Sarah Lummis (Senior Lecturer and Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow) and Liz Simmonds (Careers Advisor for Post-Docs in Physical Sciences) spoke about their experiences, what they look for when appointing a new lecturer and the resources available at Cambridge to help you realise your ambitions.
Tues 3 June. Royal Society of Chemistry. Meandering between disciplines can lead to an interesting career! – Rachel Jones, Instrata. With a background in physics, computing and social science, Rachel set up her own company Instrata which specalises in people centred design. She shared her inspirational story with us which highlighted the importance of networking.
Thurs 10 July. Lucy Cavendish College. Summer Networking Event – Practice your own Elevator Pitch, Suzanne Doyle Morris. You are in an
elevator with the person you would most like to work with in the future. You have 30 seconds to say who you are and explain what you do – yikes!!! A fantastic friendly evening finding out what makes a successful elevator pitch and practicing ours on someone new!
Thurs 2 Oct. Royal Society of Chemistry. Pensions: Planning for your  Future. Anne St. Ives. It may be ages until you are ready for retirement, but decisions you make now can really affect your long-term financial security.  So whether you’re employed, self-employed or on a career break, this was a great way of picking up some useful advice to help you and your family. Anne is an Independent Financial Advisor with more than 20 years experience. She is committed to working with clients to enable suitable and informed decisions.
Tues 14 Oct. Lucy Cavendish College. How to engage with the media. Ruth Francis, Head of Press, Nature Publishing Group. In collaboration with ResearchSEA – Asia Research News, Ruth talked on how best to engage with the media. During her talk, Ruth introduced the media world and the Nature Press Office, concentrating on how Nature promotes research. She also discussed the different media types and gave us the “rules of engagement”, how best to talk to the media and showed case studies of tricky or controversial research.
Wed 12 Nov. St. Mary’s School. The Dragonesses Castle. Joint event with Cambridge Business Women’s Network. The Dragonesses Castle involved  quick thinking, team work and creativity in a fun collaborative atmosphere. Participants benefitted fom the wealth of business experience of team leaders, facilitators, dragonesses and each other and found out what makes a successful business pitch. Teams brainstormed a business idea considering finance, market research and marketing/sales and presented their idea to the Dragonesses Vandy Massey of MSA Interactive, Andrea Cockerton of Mudhut and Annie Brooking, CEO of Astron Clinica.
Tues 25 Nov. Special AWiSE networking event at The Wellcome Trust Sanger  Institute. Achieving as a professional in SET. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, Doyle Morris Coaching and Development. Suzanne led a highly interactive discussion focusing on how we can address career challenges by recognising and focusing on our strengths. This event was organised by Sophie Messager who works at the Sanger and is a member of our steering group. Many thanks to both Sophie and Suzanne for a great event.


Wed 24 Jan Lucy Cavendish College. MentorSET Training Day, faciliated by Jan West, the MentorSET Manager.
Tues 30 Jan. Lucy Cavendish College. Secret Paths: Seeking Balance and Confidence amid competing needs – Dr. Terri Apter (University of Cambridge).  Women’s roles have changed enormously over the past thirty years, but career structures retain the template for someone who is relieved of  day-to-day domestic and family obligations. As a result, balancing career aspirations andpersonal commitments remains a challenge. It is frequently argued that confidence is to be gained through role modelling. Terri’s talk challenged this assumption and proposed a different route to confidence.
Thurs 1 Feb. Royal Society of Chemistry. Career Paths for Women in  Science – Taking Control of Your Career – Ruth Sapsed and Leonie Isaacson (Career Insight Partnership). Are you happy with your career to date? Do you know where it’s taking you? How does it fit with your life choices? Establishing and maintaining a fulfilling career requires you to know what you want and what you can offer. Knowing this enables you to reflect on your evolving priorities. This session began to explore how to make informed career decisions by developing an understanding of yourself.
Sat 17 March. Cambridge. Cambridge Science Festival. Steering Group member Tennie Videler organised Cambridge AWiSE’s contribution to the Science Festival this year. We had a number of hands on experiment for children (and adults!) to participate in and leaflets for women working in SET to take away. Several members helped out on the day, providing great women STEM role models for the many children present.
Tues 20 March. Royal Society of Chemistry. Career Paths for Women in  Science – Setting up your own scientific business. Jenny Koenig (Science ETC) and Diane Turner (Anthias Consulting Ltd).  Diane and Jenny talked about their backgrounds and experience and the process of starting their own businesses. Diane worked for many years in industry before starting her own business. Jenny, in contrast, made the transition from running an academic research lab to setting up her own company. They provided practical information and explained the sources of help, support and training that are available.
Thurs 3 May. Royal Society of Chemistry. Career Paths for Women in  Science – Moving into Management. Irene Warner (Director – Arena4Management). Irene has had extensive experience of management in both the private and public sectors. She considers that engineering and scientific disciplines fit the requirements of modern day management well. Irene talked about how having an engineering or science background greatly aids the transition into management.
Tues 8 May. Lucy Cavendish College. The Concordat for Career Management of Contract Research Staff. The Concordat came into force in 1996, set the standards for career management of CRS and contained special initiatives to encourage the participation of women. It is now being revised.  This meeting gave CRS the chance to voice their opinions and experiences relating to short-term contracts and to learn about their rights from Sarah Botcherby of Cambridge University Personnel Division. The outcomes of this meeting will enable Cambridge AWiSE to respond to the new Concordat consultation document. This meeting was kindly sponsored by the Institute of Physics and the Biochemical Society.
Wed 16 May. Robinson College, Cambridge. So you want to be an cademic? Joint Cambridge AWiSE and Cambridge University WiSETI event. This meeting gave Ph.D. students and Post-Docs the opportunity to learn from the experts the best way to achieve their ambition! A great set of speakers talked  about their experiences and the resources available to help women succeed.  Speakers: Dr. Ruth Cameron (Materials Science and Metallurgy), Dr. Kate Lewis (Royal Society Research Fellow, PDN), Prof. Jeremy Sanders (Professor, Formerly Head of Chemistry), Dr. Annette Mahon (Staff Development, formerly Zoology).
Wed 16 May. Lucy Cavendish College. Special General Meeting. Cambridge AWiSE, led by Jenny Koenig, has grown enormously over the last 3 years. Jenny has now decided to step down as Chair. The Steering Group  accepted Jenny’s resignation and thanked for all her time and commitment as Chair. Jenny  Brookman was unanimously elected as the new Chair, Jackie Roberts as Deputy.  The meeting also discussed the future direction and long-term stability of Cambridge AWiSE to ensure it remains a strong local network for women.
Wed 6 June. Royal Society of Chemistry. Career Paths for Women in  Science – Becoming a Scientific Consultant. Monika Green, Cambridge Consultants. Monika Green leads Cambridge Consultants Healthcare, Consulting and Innovation Management Division and specialises in working with clients in Technology and Innovation Management. Monika spoke about what a Scientific Consultant does and the best ways of achieving your ambitions.
Thurs 25 Oct. Royal Society of Chemistry. Achieving as a Woman in SET. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, Doyle Morris Coaching. Suzanne led a highly interactive discussion focusing on definitions of success and how members can address their current career challenges by capitalising on their strengths and strategically raising their public profile.
Wed 14 Nov. Lucy Cavendish College. Networking above and beyond. Joint meeting with Cambridge Business Women’s Network. This meeting looked at the networking process and the skills needed for effective networking. Members talked about how they have used networking to further their career and social circles and gave everyone the opportunity to meet someone new. Cambridge AWiSE and CBN share the belief that their organisations exist to promote and support the development of relationships and contacts that can extend career, business and personal opportunities and can change outlooks.
Mon 19 Nov. Computing Laboratory, University of Cambridge. CV Clinic.  David Ainscough, University Careers Service. Joint Meeting with Women@CL, the network for women in computing research. This very practical meeting introduced Cambridge AWiSE and MentorSET to women in computing research.


Wed 25 Jan.
Training of mentors and mentees by MentorSET and a get-together for current mentors and mentees. Organised by MentorSET.
Wed 1 Feb. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Enterprising Women in Science Geeta Gupta, Head of Technology and Life Sciences Team, LloydsTSB Corporate.
Tues 7 March. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University. Career Transitions to Industry: Scientific Software. Tanya Morton, The MathWorks; Ed Griffiths, Sanger Centre; Ruth Dunn, Sanger Centre.
Sat 18 March. Women in Science Day at the Cambridge Science Festival.
Tue 21 March. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park.  Enterprising Women in Science” Dr Berenice Mann, Proactive Research.
Wed 10 May. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University. Career Transitions to Parliament. Anne Campbell, previously MP for Cambridge, Dr Chandrika Nath, Adviser, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.
Thu 8 June. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park.  Enterprising Women in Science” Bev Hurley, YTKO.
Tues 26 Sept. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University. Career Tansitions to Law: Science and Patent Law. Barbara Cookson, Filemot  Technology Law; Suzanne Oliver, HLBBShaw.
Sat 4 November. Jesus College, University of Cambridge. The Strength Deployment Inventory Workshop Rachel Tobbell of the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET. In association with the Women in Physics Group of the Institute of Physics.
Tues 7 November. Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge. Mentoring for Success Lucinda Spokes, Cambridge AWiSE; Katie Morris, Anglia Ruskin University. In association with Cambridgeshire Business Women’s Network.
Tues 21 November. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University. Cambridge AWiSE Annual General Meeting.
Wed 29 November MRC-HNR Fulbourn. An introduction to Cambridge AWiSE and the MentorSET Women’s mentoring Scheme.
Thurs 30 November Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Career Paths for Women in Science: Coaching for Career Goals in Science. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, Doyle-Morris Coaching.
Tues 7 December Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge. Raising  the Profile of Women in SET. Erica Williams, UK Resource Centre for Women in SET.


Tue 25 January. Fort St George (Midsummer Common). How to get that job!, Ailish Forristal.
Thu 10 March. Corpus Christi College. Mentoring and Wine Tasting.
Sat 19 March. New Museums site. Women in Science and Engineering at the Cambridge Science Festival.
Thu 7 April. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Women Entrepreneurs: Heather Fairhead (Chief Executive Officer of Phico Therapeutics).
Tue 7 June. Royal Soc Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Women Entrepreneurs: Ann Hayes (founder and non-executive Director of Ionix
Thu 23 June. William Gates Building, Cambridge. MentorSET Mentor Training Day.
Tue 5 July. women@CL/Cambridge AWiSE Meeting summer party at the Nanoscience Centre, West Cambridge Site.
Thu 29 September. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Enterprising Women in Science” series: Linda Cammish, Life Sciences Business Development and Marketing Consultant.
Tue 18 October. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University. Cambridge Businesswomen’s Network (CBN)/ AWiSE Combined Meeting: “Choosing How to Work: More than One Option”. Speakers: Suzy Lynch, Soreya Landini, Anne Miller.
Tue 8 November. Cambridge Branch AGM, Merton House, St John’s College.
Wed 7 December. Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge University. Career Transition to Science Journalism: Jenny Hogan (Nature), Anne Forde (Science Next Wave), Kathryn Phillips (Journal Experimental Biology).
Tues 13 December. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. “Enterprising Women in Science” series: Jane Rogers, Scientific Management Board, Sanger Institute.


Mon 26 January. Networking Event, University Centre Café.
Wed 4 February. Networking Event, CB2 Café/Wine bar, Norfolk Street.
Tue 17 February. Networking Event, Q.TON, Cambridge Science Park.
Tue 24 February. Networking Event, University Centre Café.
Thu 4 March. Networking Event, CB2 Café/Wine bar, Norfolk Street.
Sat 13 March .New Museums Site. Women in Science Day at Cambridge Science Festival.
Wed 24 March. Borders Bookstore, Cambridge. Patricia Fara, “Pandora’s Breeches: Women, Science and Power in the Enlightenment”. Discussion afterwards over a coffee.
Mon 19 April. King’s College. Joint Meeting with C.U. Umbrella Autism Volunteers Project. Juliet Mitchell and Simon Baron-Cohen (author of “The Essential Difference: Men, Women and the Extreme Male Brain”.
Mon 19 April. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Sandwich lunch.
Tue 4 May. Networking Event, CB2 Café, Norfolk Street.
Tue 8 June. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge Science Park. Prof Shirley Dex author of “Attitudes to Flexible and Part-Time Working Arrangements in UK-based SME’s”.
Wed 30 June. The Old Library, Darwin College. Joint meeting with Biology in Business. “Freelance Working”: Christian Bunke (CambridgeMinds), Fiona Marshall (prev of GSK and Millennium).
Sun 4 July. Newnham College. Celebration of the life of Joan Mason, founder of AWiSE.
Wed 15 September. Kings College. Part-Time and Flexible Working Arrangements: Rights and Realities.
Thu 11 November. Kings College. Joint meeting with WISETI (University of Cambridge) “Enriching Science and Engineering: Exploring the Business Case for Diversity – the Joan Mason Memorial Meeting.”

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