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Feedback from CamAWiSE Career Development Day 2010

“In summary I thought that the Careers Day was well organised and useful.  Not only did I learn how to broaden my career horizon, raise my profile at work, deal with work place politics – I also learned a lot about myself and discovered hidden skills I never thought I had.  For me the first half of the day was the most rewarding – especially the panel discussion featuring four successful female scientists (2 of which were FRS) was inspiring.  To hear from such high achieving women, who made it in both academia and industry, how they overcame hurdles and problems at early career stages, developed opportunities for themsleves and found their optimal work life balance made me optimistic that I can do the same….”  Attendee MRC, LMB


“I felt quite enthusiastic following the workshop day, as I could find tips that could be applied to both academia and industry working environment, and confirmation that particularities and differences in the pathway could be enriching and contribute to career development.” Attendee, MRC-LMB


and six months on, we requested feedback from some of our attendees…

“The course made me think about the need to take risks and to stay visible.  This encouraged me to put myself forward to give presentations on a couple of occasions e.g. at an AWiSE event on career transitions, and to be ‘master of ceremonies’ at a large MATLAB conference.”

Want to find out more?  Our Career Development Day Report 2010 is worth a read and includes tips and summaries from the workshops.

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