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Leadership Mindset Workshop Series 2021

The CamAWiSE four-part workshop series has been created to help you develop a strong foundation of leadership. It is designed for those aspiring to learn the key skills and traits for taking control of your progress in the workplace and beyond.

The series provides the opportunity to engage in activities and discussions that will help you grow as a leader. You will add to your toolbox of leadership skills and leave with the confidence necessary to advance in work settings, personal growth and career advancement.

Rethink your personal leadership style – Build-up your leadership skills

The workshops will be run by our well-known and experienced facilitators.
How will you develop your own leadership?
Join us for the series or select your workshops as stand-alones.

You don’t need to necessarily be in a leadership role to attend any of the workshops, these are still very beneficial for your development for your personal growth.

Women in Leadership – Hack your Leadership Mind, with Naily Makangu – 21st January 2021

Strategic Planning: Become a Future-ready Leader, with Kalai Vanii Jayaseelan – 11th February 2021

Leadership in Effective Change, with Julie Hogbin – 9th March 2021

Intercultural Competencies and Leadership, with Danielle Feger – 13th April 2021

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