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Impact and Influence in the Workplace with Natacha Wilson

Date: 19th May 2020

Time: 7:30 – 9:15pm

Online workshop


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Come and join us to explore the key competencies linked to:

  • an awareness and understanding who are the key decision makers and influencers in the workplace
  • how successful leaders cultivate effective and positive change through confident authentic communication
  • enable a strategic approach to your stakeholders to get the best results for everyone

You will have the opportunity to identify (and co-create!) approaches to engage with our internal audiences and maximise our positive impact in projects and the wider company culture.

The opportunity to make a positive impact is here and now – let’s seize the day!

ALL WELCOME (all genders and non-STEMM).

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CamAWISE Weekly Mindfulness Sessions – May-July 2020

As we enter Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May 2020) – Take an intentional pause.

The theme is Kindness.

In our unique circumstances amidst our ‘new normal’ – Join us for the next four weeks, for our free 30 minutes weekly sessions, which are open to everyone. Members will be able to take further free sessions.

The CamAWISE Mindfulness sessions are an opportunity for you to clear the mental clutter and cultivate a more inner calm. Pay deliberate attention to help build your capacity to notice, and respond to information, situations and emotions, without getting overwhelmed or lost.

See the full details here and to book on to the sessions.

Blog: The Power of Letting go of The Paddles, A Practical Guide to Find Peace, Purpose and Happiness

The uncertainty and unpredictability of human Life is a given fact. Never has this fundamental truth of Life been made so apparent in our lifetimes ever like the pandemic that we are experiencing right now…

So what is it? What could be the real secret to resilience? In the face of challenge, how do we not only cope but also show up with full vigour, each day, every day?

Here is what I found out after digging-in deep to discover what helped me cope. It comes down to this – it is all about letting go of the paddles!

Read the full blog here including benefits to consider around inner peace, purpose and happiness.

Blog – Earth Day 2020: 50th Anniversary

22 April 2020 – This year marked the 50th anniversary of the global Earth Day. An annual event, created to support environmental protection, first officially celebrated in 1970. This year the world’s largest environmental campaign aimed to spur 1 billion people across 200 countries into action, under the theme of Climate Change.

If 2020 was not already a stand-out year, the pandemic has highlighted how our relationship with the planet has never been more important. Closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), a healthy ecosystem helps to protect us and wildlife, whereby biodiversity reduces the risk of rapid spread of pathogens[1]. Our unprecedented times have opened a window of opportunity to participate and create long-lasting change. This year is particularly different to those previously, the global lock-down mobilised the first Digital Earth Day.

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Blog – Working from Home: Best Practice Tips

Remote working had quietly been reshaping our lives; part or full-time. From coffee shops, public libraries to living rooms at our dining tables. The emergence of digital office rental services has led to changing attitudes around where we work or manage teams, and to whether we should. Today in 2020, unprecedented times bring us to a mass digital remote working era.  With the shift, we explore how best to coordinate our lives, weave in work-life balance, staying efficient and productive.

Establish a Routine
Dedicated Workspace
Time Block and Remove Distractions…

Read the full details of Best Practise Tips...

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