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Blog – Productivity, Confidence & Work/ Life Balance, and my ‘Burning Yes’

By Dr Carrie Mowatt

On the 23 June 2020, Olga Degtyareva’s online workshop took the participants through setting boundaries to enable us to achieve our long-term goals and helped think about prioritising our ‘burning yes’.

Little did I know that the universe was going to provide me with a spectacularly unforgettable ‘burning yes’ later that very evening!

Olga set the scene by painting an engaging and relatable picture of the many varied work/ life balance challenges encountered by women at all stages of their careers in STEMM. We touched on the extra challenges and opportunities around remote working and home-schooling during the extraordinary circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Productivity, Confidence & Work/Life Balance workshop

Date: 23rd June 2020

Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm

Online workshop


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As scientists we are very busy during our work day, with hundreds of things needed to be done. This makes it difficult to find time to do what’s really important such as writing up our research papers. Often, even when we do sit down to write, we find ourselves getting distracted or discouraged and as the result little writing gets done…

Increasing your confidence and balancing your work life is a way to become more productive! You can get more done in less time, and also feel more in charge of your day and happier in your life. In this webinar Olga is going to share with you the tools and strategies to do it, and provide inspiration for you to implement them in your situation.

ALL WELCOME (all genders and non-STEMM). #INWED20

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Blog – Impact and Influence in the workplace (…and beyond)

By Isla Furlong

The May 2020 CamAWiSE event was from Natacha Wilson, founder and director of Cambridge Insights, a company that works with leaders, aspiring leaders and teams to maximise their positive impact on the world. Instead of a face-to-face meeting, she provided an engaging and interactive Zoom webinar and workshop addressing impact and influence in the work place and beyond.

To kick off, attendees were invited to introduce themselves on the chat function and tell everyone what they do and where they work/influence. While we weren’t in the same room physically, this was a great way to feel part of the audience and it was interesting to see the range of backgrounds represented on the call.

Natacha engaged participants to consider:

  • define Influence, Status and Power
  • “spheres of influence” – choosing your level(s) of influence
  • hierarchy – formal or non-formal decision process
  • “Lateral” leadership
  • ….

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Blog – The Volunteer Spirit: Why I Became a Volunteer & What Came Next

By Iratxe Puebla

As for most of us, my life is already pretty packed with duties and commitments, I work full time, I am a mum, and I try to keep in as much contact as I can with family and friends, then there is also the household chores, bills and school activities to keep up with. With so many calls on my time already, you may wonder why would I choose to add volunteering to my list?

See what volunteering means for Iratxe and her journey with CamAWISE.

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Impact and Influence in the Workplace with Natacha Wilson

Date: 19th May 2020

Time: 7:30 – 9:15pm

Online workshop


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Come and join us to explore the key competencies linked to:

  • an awareness and understanding who are the key decision makers and influencers in the workplace
  • how successful leaders cultivate effective and positive change through confident authentic communication
  • enable a strategic approach to your stakeholders to get the best results for everyone

You will have the opportunity to identify (and co-create!) approaches to engage with our internal audiences and maximise our positive impact in projects and the wider company culture.

The opportunity to make a positive impact is here and now – let’s seize the day!

ALL WELCOME (all genders and non-STEMM).

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