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Spinning Plates – can working mothers have it all?

Put the slow cooker on for tonight, check eldest’s gym kit, flights for conference, oh and better have a wash… all before 5:30am? Are you ‘spinning plates?’

On 23rd February 2016 we are hosting a very special event. We will be joined by Wendy Reus and Penny Clayton, authors of the highly popular book Spinning Plates: Tips, thoughts and ideas for balancing work, parenting and home.


“For over 30 years we have benefited from the company of women who helped us through all that goes with being mothers and having paid work. We wanted to share our good fortune of the wisdom accumulated throughout those years with others in similar positions and help those engaged in this juggling act. We also care passionately about children having the best childhood possible so they can grow into confident, independent adults and feel the security and love of a family unit, whatever the context.

We know it’s tough, because we’ve been working mothers since our first children were born, but we also know there are lots of things that can help. As we have written the book, “Spinning Plates”, from our personal experiences we chose to focus on working mothers. However, we acknowledge the significant role of working fathers and we believe many of the tips will be useful to them too. By offering some practical ideas for working parents, we hope life will be a little easier for all concerned so that the joy of a balanced life might be appreciated and positively embraced.” Wendy Reus and Penny Clayton.

Come and join us for an interactive workshop with Wendy and Penny. In advance of the workshop, we’ll be contacting all attendees with a couple of key questions from the authors. Your responses to these questions will help them to plan the session, so that it is as relevant as possible to those attending.

Places are strictly limited, so book now to ensure you don’t miss out.

Thanks to the generous support of Mathworks, we are able to offer this workshop to CAMAWiSE members for £10 and to non-members for £14.50. The price includes refreshments and everyone attending will receive a copy of Penny and Wendy’s ‘Essential Guide’ – a condensed and updated version of the book shown, full of handy tips on juggling work and family life.

Date: Tuesday 23rd February, 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Venue: Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge

Booking for this event has now closed.  If you have any queries, please email

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