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Success: What lies behind the mask? Understanding and overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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Date: Tuesday 12th October 2021

Time: 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm


Part of the ‘Navigating Workplace Dynamics’ series 2021.

CamAWiSE are delighted to welcome Kate Atkin, an inspirational speaker, training consultant and facilitator.  With over 20 years of experience as a speaker, Kate has worked with many clients on business, management and communication issues.

Approximately 70% of people will at some point feel like a fraud, as if they don’t belong and wonder when they will be found out not to be good enough.

This masterclass will explore what the imposter syndrome is (tip: it’s really a phenomenon), why people might experience it, and help you to start to think about yourself and your successes differently – which is the starting point for overcoming the imposter chatter.

By the end of the masterclass participants will have:

  • Discussed what the imposter syndrome is and isn’t.
  • Understand some of the triggers for these feelings.
  • Identify at least three ways to start to combat their own imposter chatter.
  • How to start to support others.

All Welcome (all genders and non-STEMM). 

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This workshop is part of the ‘Navigating Workplace Dynamics’ series 2021 – a 3-part workshop, click here to see the full workshop details in the series – book on to all 3 or book as standalones. You can become a member and book on to your first 3 online events for FREE.

Kate Atkin Image 2Kate comes from a farming background in Lincolnshire and having lived in Cambridge for many years, recently moved back to Lincolnshire.  She had a successful career with Barclays Bank plc before starting her own learning and development business in September 2000.

In 2015 she completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology which has brought insights into well-being, meaning and positivity that she is incorporating into her work.  This also led to opportunities to speak at Cambridge University Judge Business School on their EnterpriseWISE programme and their post-graduate diploma in entrepreneurship.  Kate is continuing with her research, currently focussing on the imposter phenomenon.

Kate is author of The Presentation Workout, The Confident Manager and co-author of The Business of Professional Speaking, and author of two tips booklets, The Confidence Factor and The Networking Factor. 

Some other areas she specialises in are strength analysis, positive leadership, managing your personal energy and stress levels, effective presentation, confidence building, positive psychology at work.

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