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March 7th -How to get the best from mentoring as a mentor and a mentee

The booking for the 3rd Wise-up workshop is now open. Learn how to get the best from mentoring: as a mentor and mentee. Mentoring is a rewarding experience which allows the sharing of knowledge and skills to help individuals gain confidence, develop ideas, fine tune value propositions, get funding or secure a pilot.

Natacha is a Mentor with the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, an organization which supports women entrepreneurs around the world. The Foundation provides support in business skills, technology, networks and access to capital so that women can build their capability, confidence, and capital necessary to establish and grow their businesses and create employment opportunities. She was a Mentor for the Accelerator Programme at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

porster2Natacha is a Lecturer and Fellow at the Cambridge Marketing College, Director of a leadership and development programme for CEOs of charities and social enterprises Ella Forums, and until recently, Advisor to Cambridge’s E-Luminate Festival.

The Workshop will be held in the Woodlegh Room at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

The booking for the 4th WiSE UP workshop ‘Confidence: the ultimate career ingredient‘ is also open. Book for both at a reduced price.

Tuesday 7th March. 8-10pm

 Booking is now closed

Profile: Dr Vivien Hodges, WiSETI (Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative) Project Officer at the University of Cambridge

Cambridge AWiSE steering group member – Dr Vivien Hodges

Dr Vivien Hodges

WiSETI was established in 1999 and aims to redress an under-representation of women in employment and career progression in STEMM disciplines at the University of Cambridge.

WiSETI supports women in STEM at the University in a number of ways including organising activities such as seminars for early career female researchers and PhD and Postdocs, and an Annual Lecture, running a CV Mentoring Scheme for women wishing to apply for promotion and supporting good practice in science through Athena SWAN.

Having spent most of my career in a research environment within Academia and Industry I decided to use my skills to work in the learning and development field.

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A book you just have to share: Dorothy Hodgkin – A Life

Book review: Dorothy Hodgkin- A life by Georgina Ferry

Last year Georgina Ferry gave a talk to Cambridge AWiSE. She has written biographies on  Dorothy Hodgkin and Max Perutz. I bought a copy of ‘Dorothy Hodgkin- A life’ and really enjoyed it. I lent it to a crystallographer friend rather than writing the review straight away (which is a positive sign in itself). So here is a view of the book that has been mmm, left to mature… As I’ve said before, I quite like to structure blog posts around 9 points:

1. As a book it works really well, avoiding many of the pitfalls of a biography. There is a good balance between Dorothy’s life story and her science. Not too much foreshadowing of the greatness to come, the linear-with-time-format works well, especially as Georgina manages to still bring a twist in the tail.
2. Dorothy’s life is totally fascinating and she comes across as totally likeable but without any saccharine.
3.  I did not know she suffered from arthritis. This made me admire her even more as she would have had no recourse to the drugs that us modern -day sufferers have!

So, what can modern day women in science learn?
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Profile: Dr Judit Molnar- drug discovery biologist

Cambridge AWiSE Steering Group Member – DR JUDIT MOLNARI currently work at GlaxoSmithKline a large pharmaceutical company as a clinician scientist. I lead early clinical development of medicines treating autoimmune diseases, especially trying to find treatment for systemic sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

I am originally from Hungary, where I gained a Medical Degree. I lived in the US for a number of years while pursuing an academic career in medical research including a PhD and a postdoc. But… after a few years of racking up air miles with my British husband I moved to the UK to start a family. I became a full time mum with two little boys. At times it looked very challenging to return to a career path for which I was highly trained. I was lucky to be awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship just to do that. I used the opportunity to join Pfizer, a large pharmaceutical company and explored drug discovery as an alternative to return to Academia.

I have been a steering group member since 2011. I was new to the Cambridge area and found the networking with other like minded women at AWISE highly valuable. AWISE proved valuable again, when I was made redundant from Pfizer. The networking and the career development workshops definitely contributed to securing a position at my current company.

I always enjoy sharing my own experiences with other scientists in similar situations.

Dr Judit Molnar

Peer Mentoring Workshop and CamAWiSE AGM

After the success of last year’s format, we will again feature a workshop on peer mentoring at the Cambridge AWiSE AGM on Tuesday 21st February.

Peer mentoring is the idea of providing mentoring in a group of peers. In such a group everyone mentors each other. It works on the assumption that we all gain different experiences and in a group of committed and intelligent women there will be useful experiences relating to your current situation.

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