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An evening with Ruth Barber: Negotiation skills workshop – by Shivi Chandna

Negotiation pic GSOn a cold wintry evening thirty women met at Cambridge AWISE headquarters to learn about negotiation skills and how its outcomes could make the difference between success and failure. The members had the opportunity to learn from the very experienced solicitor and consultant Ruth Barber. She had given a number of such workshops before to different types of audiences including undergraduates. Ruth decided to focus this session on practical tips on negotiating pay rises in the workplace.

Before starting a negotiation it is important to know what you want out of it. This want could be divided into a best possible outcome – knowing the best that you can get, the best realistic outcome – knowing what realistically you could get, and the worst realistic outcome. 
Ruth, keeping the STEM-related audience in mind, drew a graph to explain how she likes to think of these three outcomes as a tropical beach, a temperate zone and the arctic zone (brrr) where you are willing to settle for the least. Read more

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