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Profile: Dr Tennie Videler – Coordinator for Cambridge Immunology Network

Cambridge AWiSE Steering Group Member – DR TENNIE VIDELER

I am the coordinator for the Cambridge Immunology Network.  The idea is that there is lots of great immunology being done in disparate parts of Cambridge University and it is my task to increase communication between them. This position is a challenge to take on, especially as I am not an immunologist…

I did an undergraduate degree in Chemistry in the Netherlands. I got the opportunity to spend nine months in the UK as an exchange student, which resulted in starting a PhD research project on the interface between chemistry and biology. I spent 16 years doing research on structural biology, using different techniques on different systems. I have always enjoyed public engagement, communicating science (not necessarily mine) to both children and adults. I was the science school governor for a primary school for six years, a role I would encourage others to take on!

Towards the end of my postdoctoral career I decided that although I loved research I wanted to use my ‘people’ skills and do something that would make a difference to people’s lives. I became  a programme manager for Vitae, a national careers organisation specialising in careers and development of researchers. It was very rewarding but I am very pleased my current role allows me to indulge in my passion for science again. I am on a steep learning curve- who knew Immunology was so complicated… and so fascinating?

Profile: Dr Jenny Brookman – College Supervisor in Molecular Sciences

Cambridge AWiSE Treasurer – DR JENNY BROOKMAN

I have been a steering group member of Cambridge AWiSE since 2004.

I am from Sydney Australia and gained a BSc Hons (I) from the University of Sydney followed by a PhD in Biochemistry from the Australian National University in Canberra.    I arrived in England in 1978 as a post-doc in cell and developmental biology at the former Mill Hill labs of the ICRF, now Cancer Research UK. With a move to Cambridge, I continued my research at the University in molecular genetics and genomics, specialising in development in the model organism Drosophila.
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Profile: Dr Jenny Koenig – Consultant with Science ETC

Cambridge AWiSE Steering Group member – DR JENNY KOENIG

I’m a consultant with Science ETC – a Science Education, Training and Communications Consultancy.

I’m also a Fellow at Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge where I teach pharmacology and maths for biologists part time during term and am Dean (also part time). I also work at the Disability Resource Centre in the University of Cambridge helping students with Specific Learning Difficulties develop their study skills.

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