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A refreshingly honest take on blogging & twitter from Athene Donald, one of Britain’s ‘top 100 most powerful women’

As one of Britain’s ‘top 100 most powerful women’, and with a mantelpiece groaning with accolades, Professor Dame Athene Donald needs little introduction. But as a prolific blogger and social media proponent, some may be less familiar with her work – especially those of us just dipping a toe into Twitter or seeking new ways to network.

So I was keen to learn more about this inspirational scientist, whose comments are sought on everything from New Year’s resolutions to Desert Island Discs, at a recent Cambridge AWiSE event, “Different ways to reach out”.

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It is Ada Lovelace Day!

Ada Lovelace wasn’t just the first female computer programmer, she was the world’s first ever computer programmer full stop. Ada Lovelace day celebrates women in STEM, which is also what Cambridge AWiSE is all about! There is lots of activity on twitter on the fact it is Ada Lovelace day, I even noticed it ‘trending’.  Here are some of the links that caught my attention….

Plenty of posts with background on who Ada Lovelace was, but this one is my favourite.  To get to know her in her own words, New Scientist have managed to secure a rare interview with her…. (well, they mined her correspondence very cleverly)

Even the BBC is promoting the occasion! The BBC has devoted front page coverage on its website to these profiles of female scientists.

The Guardian also has a lower profile, but very thoughtful piece focusing on ‘ women who have excelled in their field but have often been denied both opportunity and recognition’.

The Wellcome Trust publishes a blog  by Professor Dame Kay Davies and Sir Mark Walport on the need for flexibility in research careers, which is right up my street.

Ed Yong, a (male, as it happens) science blogger I very much admire compiled an all-female list of top science writers. My favourite, Jenny Rohn appears to be missing. Yours?

Trawling through twitter in search of Ada made me find out about the Double X science blog for women, which although very American, I shall be frequenting from now on.

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