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Train your Voice: Resonate with Confidence

Voice Training - 18 May 2021 - TwitterDate:  18th May 2021

Time: 7:00-9:00pm



Your voice is a tool in persuasive and effective communication. Discover how your voice determines your confidence and your credibility. In this workshop. Stewart Theobald (Director, Talking Shop Training) will show you how the resonance of your voice can make it authoritative and credible. The workshop will also touch on your online voice presence. The workshop will be part theory and part practical. You will be encouraged to join in exercises to experience the benefits of a vocal warm up.

In this Workshop we will:

  • Practice exercises to discover your true voice
  • Build vocal resonance for greater authority
  • Develop vocal colour to engage an audience

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Join us to master the art of voice control to remain calm, confident and self-assured

ALL WELCOME (all genders and non-STEMM). Book now:

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Voice Authority. Stewart Theobald (Director, Talking Shop Training)

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Stewart Theobald trained and worked as a professional actor before becoming a teacher, trainer and voice coach. Over the years he has trained barristers, broadcasters, businesspeople, politicians, actors and academics to engage their audience and deliver their message with confidence and clarity. He has worked internationally and in the public and private sectors.

Having taught at all levels from primary to higher education and former Head of Voice at East 15 Acting School, Stewart workshops include coaching in Presentation Skills, Voice Projection and Speech Clarity for over 20 Universities.

His career has included becoming Head of Voice at East E15. He established Talking Shop Training in 1992, whilst also qualifying as an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist as well as an accredited Myndflex® coach.

To widen the use of your voice or 1:1 personalised programme, contact Stewart Theobald at Talking Shop Training.

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