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What makes a good mentee?


noun: a person who is advised, trained, or counselled by a mentor


Discover how mentoring programs can increase your job skills, adaptability, and self-worth. The importance of mentors cannot be overstated. Be inspired, stretch yourself, get connected, develop your EQ, open your mind and most importantly create your mentor-mentee relationship. Mentors are aligned with your best interest and use their experience and perspective to paint pictures of what is possible. To be eligible for the Mentoring Programme, CamAWiSE membership is required. Update your membership or join us at


Becoming a mentee:

  • Remember your mentor is a volunteer
  • Take responsibility for your own learning
  • Develop trust
  • Be respectful of your mentor’s time
  • Set realistic expectations with your mentor
  • Come to each meeting with a prepared agenda
  • Be clear of your needs
  • Be open to feedback
  • Be flexible and learn
  • Be committed and take action


Benefits for mentees

  • Guidance and support
  • Develop mutual networking opportunities
  • Positive constructive feedback & developmental guidance
  • Identifying professional growth opportunities
  • Enhancing capability
  • Build confidence
  • Set goals
  • Gain new perspective
  • Leadership training
  • Build confidence

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