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WiSE UP 2015 Speaker Profiles

Linda Cockburn

Linda Cockburn

Linda Cockburn

Linda is a facilitator, trainer and consultant, with a background in information and media management.  She has trained hundreds of people in leadership and team working skills, worked with a range of clients from the media, PR and technology sectors. Linda has designed and taught on a range of training courses and programmes, and is an associate with digital strategy agency Caper.

She has an MSc in Adult Education from City University, with a particular interest in building creativity in organisations, and a certificate in facilitation from Henley Business School. Linda is a certified coach in relational dynamics.


Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke

After her degree in Politics at Reading University, Nina briefly entered banking in the City and then joined Time Life Books, in Bond Street as a Product Manager. Deciding to take time out to raise her four children, she ran a successful Personal Shopping business.

After doing extensive work on herself to increase her crippling lack of self confidence, and along the way, finding out what works and what doesn’t, Nina qualified as a therapist and coach. She runs her private Confidence Coaching practice, and is passionate about helping her clients remember they are worthy and deserving, and above all, good enough EXACTLY AS THEY ARE.

Nina uses a variety of tools from her toolkit, (every technique has been rigorously tried and tested on herself and her clients,) including the wonderful Lefkoe Method to eliminate Limiting Beliefs, and Neuro Linguistic Programming to create deep and long-lasting change. Her mission is to help her clients have the freedom to live the life they deserve.

In her spare time, Nina enjoys walking her dog, reading avidly, and chilling out with family and friends.

Jane Goodall

Jane portrait

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall has a well established scientific career at the University of Cambridge. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow for Arthritis Research UK and will be taking up a Senior Lectureship post within the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. During her career Jane has spoken at international conferences, invited lectures and outreach events and understands the importance of acquiring the skills and experience to enable effective communication with the audience, or even an interview panel. Jane feels that using simple approaches, you can convey a more confident version of yourself, engage your audience and become a more effective communicator.  She will share her experiences, ideas and expertise to enable transfer of these skills to workshop participants.

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