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WiSE UP Workshop Series 2015

WISE UP 2015

CamAWiSE Workshop Series: Skills for success in the workplace
Following on from our highly successful WISE UP workshop series in 2012-2013, WISE UP 2015 will focus on some of the softer skills we all need to develop in order to succeed at work. Job-related expertise is essential in any career, STEM-related or otherwise. However, over the last twenty to thirty years, an understanding has grown that perhaps soft skills may ultimately be more important in determining levels of success. Those who attended the last WISE UP series told us they valued being part of a group, meeting the same group of people each time.

Booking for this event has now closed.  If you have any queries, or you would like to be added to a waiting/cancellation list for the workshops, please email Gayle

Nina Cooke

Nina Cooke

September 15th
Thrive at work: discover how to feel confident and valued
Facilitated by Nina Cooke

In this session, you’ll gain tips on how to:

  • Clear the inner blocks and insecurities that are holding you back from thriving at work
  • Know you have plenty to offer and that your skills are valuable
  • Feel confident to speak up for yourself and ask for what you want.

October 13th – Communication skills master class
Facilitated by Jane Goodall

A master class for women designed to enhance your communication and presentation skills.

The workshop will cover:

  • How to find your own voice
  • How adopting a neutral body position will help you speak
  • How do you own a space and confer status by using one simple trick?
  • Practical sessions on eye contact that will help engage the audience
  • Failsafe tips to reduce stress and enhance confidence

This workshop offers a valuable opportunity to put your skills into practice in a supportive atmosphere.

Jane portrait

Jane Goodall

 Workshops will be held in the Woodlegh Room at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, 8-10pm
Numbers will be strictly limited. Cost for two workshops is £20 for members, £30 for non-members. You may book for just one workshop (Members £12 / non-members £18) – please say which one when booking.

Join Cambridge AWiSE.

With thanks to Lucy Cavendish College and the MRC for their continued support.
Past recent workshops:
14th April – Unconscious bias: how do our perceptions and beliefs shape our view of ourselves and others? – Facilitated by Linda Cockburn

  • The psychological factors that form unconscious bias
  • The effects on our work and lives
  • What we can do to counter negative effects
Linda Cockburn

Linda Cockburn

June 16th – The secrets of high-performing teams
Facilitated by Linda Cockburn

Whether you’re a team member or a team leader, this session offers insight into what makes the difference to a team. We’ll consider:

  • The qualities of communication that offer maximum impact
  • Strategies for boosting performance and satisfaction among your colleagues.

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