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Preliminary Programme

Second Cambridge AWiSE Career Development Day
Friday 22nd June 2012, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, 9am-6pm

A full day of high intensity training and networking for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. Learn new skills or refresh existing ones to realise your full potential in STEM.

Download Programme (pdf) here

Key Note:
Understanding the Science Workforce – 10 Types of Scientist
Diana Garnham, Chief Executive of the Science Council.
Diana explores the breadth of roles that scientists and engineers perform and the skills and aptitudes that are key to your success.

Panel Discussion:
Is there more than one way to success in STEM?
An opportunity to be inspired, and sometimes intrigued, by the diverse career paths of our five panellists.  Their disparate backgrounds, current roles and journeys highlight the themes of the day.

Our Panel:
Linda Cammish, Academic Research to Leadership in Business
Jenny Rohn
Jenny Wren, Management Practice, from Business to Academia
Judit Molnar, Can have it all- but not at the same time
Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb

Morning Workshop:
Knowing Yourself: The Key to Understanding and Motivating Others
Sarah Blackford, Head of Education & Public Affairs, Society for Experimental Biology
How well do you know yourself? Most of us spend much of our time focussing on our work and the practicalities of life.  But what about you? How do you fit into the equation? What are your strengths? Where do you see areas for personal development? Using the Myers Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI®), this workshop will help to enhance your self-awareness. There is no right or wrong, good or bad personality and the workshop will not label or pigeon-hole anyone. Its aim is to help you to become more aware of behaviours, such as your communication style, how you prefer to work and interact with others, which could improve your self confidence and personal effectiveness.

Lunch and Networking

Afternoon Workshops:
How to Get Your Ideas Adopted
Anne Miller, The Creativity Partnership,

This participative workshop will help you become more effective in getting your ideas adopted. This is an important but much neglected skill, because new ideas always face resistance.  To be successful, you will always need to influence those you can’t order around, whether bosses, peers, collaborators or just your friends. Innovators often fail to realise this so they become frustrated, take it personally, or just give up. This workshop will introduce the four different stages of resistance, and then teach you a very important “unfreezing” technique for melting away the resistance you face.

Effective Negotiation – Getting what you want…. what you really, really want
Joss Anderson, J-Cubed Consulting,

Image & Impact – How to add value to you and your career
Belinda Coaten, People Potential,

The workshop will explore how your image impacts your career.

Authentic Leadership
Fiona Denney,  King’s College London

Networking and Evening Reception

Book online here

For more information, please contact Catherine (

(programme is subject to change)

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