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What next for your career in science

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) and CamAWiSE held their 10th annual event ‘What next for your career in science’ on 30th June.

Hayley Sharpe, a Principal Investigator at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR), Burcu Babaoglan Fiehler, Clinical Trials Coordinator at the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit (CCTU) and Ryan Fiehler, Senior Scientist at F-star Biotechnology Ltd were the speakers this year.

Every year this networking event brings together early career researchers from Cambridge looking to learn more about different career paths in and beyond academia. This year the speakers focused on the key transition points that led them to their current positions.

After the talks, there was an active panel discussion and a networking session.

You can read more about this event in the LMB blog

Welcome, Aldara


Aldara B. Dios

We are pleased to introduce our new Coordinator, Aldara B. Dios. Many of you have already met Aldara as she has been a part of the Steering Group since the beginning of 2015. Aldara has played an active role within CamAWiSE, running the Networking Event at the AGM 2016 and helping to organise events throughout the year. She is a Product Engineer, with a special interest in design, and this has helped with her work on the new CamAWiSE branding.

As the Coordinator, Aldara supports the Steering Group and its members. Meet her in person at our next event, Identify your strengths & values , facilitated by Tennie Videler on 18 October 2016.

If you have any questions about CamAWiSE please feel free to contact her at

Book now! ‘Career anchors: identify your strengths & values’

Don’t miss the first event of the new CAMAWiSE season. Booking for ‘Career anchors: identify your strengths & values’ is now open to all.



Learn more and book here.


Job Sharing seminar at the Babraham institute

The biggest challenge for women wanting to progress in their careers in STEM is achieving a Work-Life Balance (WLB). That was the principal idea behind a survey The Babraham institute sent to all its workers. The majority enjoy their research but they are not happy with the number of hours they have to dedicate to it. 

With this idea in mind the Babraham Institute and CamAWiSE organised an event for people to see the benefits of job-sharing for their own careers and to learn more about CamAWiSE and the work we do supporting women in STEM.

Penny Coggill, a CamAWiSE Steering group member, launched the event. She introduced CamAWiSE, our history and our aims to the audience – from The Rising Tide report that led to our foundation to our monthly events. Later, she also took part in the panel discussion. 


Penny Coggill

Sarah Horsfall, the founder of the job-sharing platform Ginibee, informed us about the advantages and challenges of job-sharing. In job-sharing two people alternate the work schedule and share the responsibilities of one full time job. This gives the employer the advantage of a full time employee, while the partners in the job-share only work part time. For the worker, it also helps with problems like the maternity wall and the gender scissors effect. Other advantages are an improved productivity, a broader and deeper experience, complementary skills difficult to obtain otherwise and an inherent contingency backup.

Post docs Sarah Burge and Claire Senner shared with us their experience as job-sharers. They told us how they complemented each other and brought different knowledge to the partnership. They also made clear that job-sharing is not without challenges like feeling productive while working only two days a week, keeping a tissue-culture going, or missing the lab daily life. But, after 18th months they both recommended the experience and hope for a long partnership. 

Sara Burge

Sarah Burge

During the panel discussion some interesting issues emerged, like the necessity of sharing the plans and expectations with your job-share partner, the importance of the company’s support and the need to test the partnership as soon as possible. 

Thank you to Penny Coggill and Laura Norton for organising such an interesting and relevant event. 

Aldara B. Dios






September Social at the Castle Inn

Join us for a meal at:

The Castle Inn

38 Castle Street

Cambridge CB3 0AJ

Tuesday 20th September 2016. 

No need for payment in advance. This is a social and all are welcome.

Reserve your place at Eventbrite:

if you would like to come along and pay for meal/drinks on the night.

7.30pm start for food or just join in for a drink at 7.30/8 onwards.

We do need numbers for those coming so please register as soon as you can.

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