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Relaunch your career: First talk tease.

From Label to Able

The most attractive quality in anyone is to know yourself – your strengths, motivations and how you can make a difference. Katherine Wiid, a Cambridge based Career Management Coach who specialises in career motivation, will help delegates consider themselves with fresh eyes not just as a “returner to work” or a “trailing spouse”.

Katherine believes that it is not what you’ve got – it’s what you do with what you’ve got!

katherine wiid

Katherine Wiid

Hear from Katherine among other speakers during the Relaunch your career event. Read more here

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November 4th 2017,  British Antarctic Survey’s Aurora Center

British Antarctic Survey’s Aurora Center

Coffee break, Tea break, Lunch, and materials included.


With the collaboration of


“Is there a business in you?” The key points…

There was such a lot to cram into the time we had at our “Do you have a business in you?” event back in April. Here are some reminders of things that might have got rather short shrift on the night.

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Three effective tools to get your start-up noticed (or ‘what we can all learn from Gok Wan’)

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you have at one time considered the possibility of running your own business. And as we all know, going it alone takes guts and more than a sprinkling of self-belief. That’s why I joined other existing and potential start-up owners to soak up some inspiration and insider knowledge, at the recent AWiSE event, ‘Do you have a business in you?’

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Join us for an exciting workshop & discover your hidden talents: Do you have a business in you? 24th April – book soon

RISE 35At Rise Business Development Circle, Luanne and I believe that, just as everyone has a book in them, so we all have ideas/skills that are potentially viable businesses.

Whether or not you want to develop that potential is a decision only you can make: all we ask is that you don’t make it until we’ve helped you to examine your resources (far more than you probably give yourself credit for), your options (the same!) and shown you how, with the right support, you can set up and grow a successful enterprise to the level that fits your needs and brings you the fulfilment we all deserve from our working lives.

Our workshop on April 24th is your opportunity to start exploring whether or not you want to take your idea forward or even to examine what that idea might be.

We’ll be making a start on the process of choosing the right objectives, mapping out the route to get there and mastering the psychological challenges.

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Self Employment Opportunity (part-time): CamAWiSE Coordinator

AWiSE logoThis position is now filled – thank you to everyone who applied.  We had a strong & talented field of candidates and are looking forward to our new coordinator joining the AWiSE team next week.

Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering (CamAWiSE) is a regional network established to help retain and improve the representation of women in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) fields in both industry and academia.

We run a broad range of talks, workshops and networking meetings, and keep our members informed about events and relevant information of interest to them. With an ever expanding and very active network, CamAWiSE is seeking a part-time self-employed Coordinator to provide high quality support to CamAWiSE and its members in collaboration with the Steering Group.

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