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2016/2017 Calendar of Events

Next event

7th December. Winter Networking

Future events

24th January: Wine Tasting

6th February: Dr. Helem Mason A life in the sun. Supporting Each Other on Our Journey.

8th March: Natache Wilson: Project management/leading

Past events

4th November. Relaunch your career

10th October: Men as champions of change with Jill Armstrong

14th September. September Social.

18th July: Let’s get quizzical. A women in STEM quiz night 

30th June. LMB/MRC Lunchtime talk.

23rd May. Dawn Bonfield MBE inspirational talk.

April 26thImpostor syndrome. Facilitated by Kate Atkin.

CamAWiSE Workshop Series: WiSE UP 2017

October 18thIdentify your strengths & values. Facilitated by Tennie Videler

November 15th – Getting notice on LinkedINFacilitated by Cathy Sorbara

March 7th – MentoringFacilitated by Natacha Wilson

March 28thConfidence: the ultimate career ingredient. Facilitated by Tennie Videler

Other events

December 6th – Winter Networking. CamAWiSE Steering Group showcase.

February 1st – Wine Tasting. Women winemakers.

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