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Next event

21st October 2019 – Odyssey 2030: The Future of Research and Publishing. Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

25th November 2019 – Conscious Leadership for Work and Life with Julie Hogbin.


External events

6th December – Top Women Tech, International Summit, Brussels, Belgium.


Future events 

3rd of December – Festive Winter games and quiz.

January 2020 – CamAWiSE Mentoring Pilot Programme Launch.

February 2020 – Boosting emotional intelligence: secret to thriving in a world of distractions with Kalai Vanii Jayaseelan + AGM.


Past events

21st September 2019 – CamAWiSE September Social

8th July 2019 – Chocolate Lock-in: Rare & Vintage meets Summer Fruits with Hotel Chocolat 

28th of June 2019 – ‘What next for your career?’ the Annual LMB-MRC CamAWiSE Careers Event.

19th of June 2019 – ‘Time management with a touch of coaching’ with Marloes Tijssen.

30th of May 2019 – ‘Men as allies – approaching equality together’ an open panel discussion in collaboration with the Wellcome – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute.

11th of April 2019: ‘Carving Our Journeys: BME Women in STEMM’ in collaboration with Equality & Diversity at Cambridge.

9th of April 2019: New job? Excel in your first 90 days with Natacha Wilson.

12th of March 2019: Perfecting your interview skills with Megan Glazebrook.

12th of February 2019: Dr Ghina Halabi | Cutting through the fog: Crafting and presenting a clear magnetic story (+ short AGM)

11th of December 2018: Winter networking games night

20th of November 2018: Get noticed with your cv with Claire Button.

15th of November 2018: ExoMars: A Martial Survival Story, Abbie Hutty (Airbus Defence & Space Ltd) in collaboration with IOP and IET.

16th of October 2018: Driving your career forward with Naily Makangu.

15th of November 2018: Festival of Ideas – Failures: Key to Success in Science

11th of September 2018: Pub Social.

Past events


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