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29th June 2021 – Embracing chance in your Career Planning

Future Events 


In response to COVID-19, our workshops are now online, and we will return to physical events when it is safe to do so. We will provide regular updates, information and online resources. Keep updated, follow us here on our website and on:

LinkedIn – 
Twitter – @camawise
Facebook –
Instagram – @camawisenews 


Past Events

18 May 2021 – Train your Voice: Resonate with Confidence

19 April 2021 – Mentoring Programme Orientation Event

13 April 2021 – Intercultural Competencies and Leadership

9 March 2021 – Leadership in Effective Change

11 February 2021 – Strategic Planning: Become a Future-ready Leader

21 January 2021 – Women in Leadership – Hack your Leadership Mind

8 December 2020, FREE Online – Festive Games and Networking

16th & 23rd November 2020 – Hidden STEMM Figures in Cambridge

17th September 2020 – FREE Online – September Social – 17th September 2020 – Online

May-July 2020 – Online – CamAWiSE Mindfulness Sessions 

23rd June 2020 – Online – Productivity, Confidence & Work/Life Balance workshop

19th May 2020 – Online – Impact and Influence in the Workplace

29th April 2020 – POSTPONED  (Lock-down) – Fitting in or Opting Out: Diversity, Ambition and Career Success with Naomi Ellemers, in collaboration with Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS)

24th March 2020 – RESCHEDULED (Lock-down) to 19th May 2020 Online: Original post 24th March 2020 – Impact and Influence in the Workplace

18th February 2020 – Boosting emotional intelligence: secret to thriving in a world of distractions + CamAWISE Annual General Meeting

28th January 2020 – CamAWISE Pilot Mentoring Programme Launch

6th December 2019 – Top Women Tech, International Summit, Brussels, Belgium. 

3rd of December 2019 – Festive Winter Games with Networking.

25th November 2019 – Conscious Leadership for Work and Life

21st October 2019 – Odyssey 2030: The Future of Research and Publishing. Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

21st September 2019 – CamAWiSE September Social

Past events


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