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  Full Member Student / Low wage concession Member
  £40 including 3 FREE online events


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£25 /year including 3 FREE online events


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Yearly membership for new members is: 
£40 – full membership
£25 – Students/ low wage concession

All includes 3 FREE online events

For renewing members, the yearly membership is:
£40 – full membership
£25 – Students/ low wage concession

All includes 3 FREE online events

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Rukshana Jaman at

Your payment is processed securely through Paypal.  No paypal account is necessary, you can pay using a credit or debit card without creating a paypal account.*  Cambridge AWiSE does not have access to your financial information. *(Some browsers will not allow you to use this feature of paypal and you may need an account).

The membership fee is currently £40 including 3 free online events, the same applies upon renewal.

For Students/ Low wage concession members, the fee will be £25 including 3 free online events, the same applies upon renewal.

As a member, you also get reduced entry to all our events and workshops.  So go on, what have you got to lose!

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What are the benefits of membership?

  • Networking Opportunities – Cambridge AWiSE provides networking opportunities, both professional and social, through our regular meetings. These events give women from different fields the chance to meet each other, increase their personal visibility and opportunities for informal peer mentoring.
  • Meetings – We run an active programme of events and networking meetings.  Our talks by inspirational speakers focus on themes such as mentoring, raising your profile, scientific and technical aspects of STEMM careers and entrepreneurship. Our networking meetings are hosted at Lucy Cavendish College and we also hold joint events at venues around Cambridge with other networking organisations including MRC-LMB, Cambridge Business Women’s Network and CamTechNet.  We also run meetings and workshops that concentrate on personal development and career enhancement. Our members get reduced entry fees to these events.
  • Information – Cambridge AWiSE provides a source of information relevant to women working in STEMM. As well as our website, we also run a mailing list to distribute news and events.
  • Leadership Opportunities – Cambridge AWiSE provides leadership opportunities for our active members. How about joining the Steering Group, offer ideas for an event or write for the website?  All great opportunities to raise your profile and extend your network.
  • Making your voice heard – Cambridge AWiSE publicises issues affecting women working in STEMM and brings them to a wider audience. The larger we are, the louder our voice!
  • Inspiration and Support – Working in a male dominated environment can make women feel isolated. We hope that being a member of Cambridge AWiSE will provide you with information, inspiration and support and help you make the most of yourself and your career.

Who can join?

Cambridge AWiSE aims to “retain and enhance the participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine in industry and academia”.

Anyone who supports these aims can join (Non-STEMM and men all welcome). 

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