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Conscious Leadership for Work and Life – 25 Nov 2019

  • Date: 25th November 2019
  • Location: Lucy Cavendish College

Have you ever wondered how people achieve more with less, with ease and what appears to be little effort? Whether you’re running a one wo(man) project, part of a team  or CEO of a multinational – you can lead from anywhere within an organisation or in your personal life. This workshop will show you how you can achieve exactly that!  Julie Hogbin will take you through the steps to create change and adopt tools which will show you how to bring leadership skills to the table.

Leadership is an attitude, not a title.

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Festive Winter Games with Networking – 3 Dec 2019

  • Date: 3rd December 2019
  • Location: Lucy Cavendish College

Get into the festive spirit, and start with our Christmas Special on the 3rd of December, at Lucy Cavendish College, between 8 and 10pm!

Enjoy our Festive Cakes over celebratory fun networking games, whilst learning skills like teamwork and communication.

See our events page for more information and booking.

Why not book with a friend and make an evening of it. We can’t wait to see you there for good cheer and merry vibes!

ALL welcome (incl all genders and non-STEMM)

Book your place as either a Member or Non-member by clicking one of the links below:

Members £12 Non-members £15
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Nagwa – Two content writer opportunities

Two new opportunities for scientific content writing with Nagwa, an educational technology start-up creating digital educational products for a global audience, are now available.

Nagwa is an educational technology start-up creating digital educational products for a global audience.


Read more for both positions on the CamAWiSE Job Adverts page.

CamAWiSE Women in STEMM series – Kalai Jayaseelan

I was a former Bioinformatician at the EMBL-EBI, an inter-governmental European Research Organisation. I was also a Trusted Advisor at the EMBL’s Ombud’s office, helping staff to help themselves during crisis and conflict. While at EMBL, I Co-founded Sukhaatma, an initiative to provide personalised Alternative Mind-Body Medicine Consultations. Currently, I am full-time on my effort where I regularly offer Emotional Intelligence, Personal effectiveness and Leadership training for Scientific, Academic and Health organisations and transformational coaching services for individuals.

“Know what is it that you want. Choose one thing and one thing only and give all your attention to it.”

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Odyssey 2030: the future of research and publishing – 21 Oct 2019

  • Date: 21st October 2019
  • Location: Postdoc Centre, Mill Lane

If you could reinvent scholarly communication from scratch, what would it look like for you?

How research is performed, disseminated and communicated is currently undergoing a number of exciting developments that could change the landscape forever. Research projects are more interdisciplinary than ever before, collaboration across disciplines that had not traditionally intersected is now common and new research disciplines are blossoming thanks to methodological and technical advances.

The increase in preprint use and discussions about ongoing or published research in social media mean that research communication is no longer the exclusive realm of peer-reviewed journals.

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